Thursday, February 12, 2009

RPK's Sedition Trial: Witness Evasive While Under Oath...

Pete With His Counsels During A Break

I was there this morning to follow the proceeding after missing out the Tuesday proceeding. Supt Gan was again put on the witness stand. Being the Investigating Officer for Altantuya C4 case, he was either refusing to answer the counsel's line of questioning or he would just replied he wasn't aware or claim to have no knowledge despite being instructed to answer by the judge. Isn't that a contempt of court? I am no lawyer so I ll just leave that to the judge to decide.
But I would like to have my two cent take on this matter. Since the questions was on matters relating to Supt Gan's investigating on the murder of Altantuya, I dont see why he cant answer those questions with ease. Somehow along the line of questioning and the witness evasive actions, I cant help but to doubt the manner the investigation on Altantuya case was conducted. This witness knew something and is holding back the truth. And if I were to link those text messages exchange between two person with the investigating officer's behaviour, Altantuya case investigation sure smells like rotten fish.
No matter what and at the end of the day, Truth and Justice shall Prevail!
Sedition trial is scheduled to continue on 23rd and 24th of April.
Read details of proceeding here in Mkini.

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peng said...

This witness is a traitor to the rakyat. When he should be protecting the rakyat, he's taking orders from his bosses to destroy one civil-minded rakyat. There is a reward for people like him ...