Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pete,You Will Never Walk Alone...

One Step Back, Three Steps Forward
I have maintained my silence ever since RPK's article 'Probably my last message to Malaysians' was published slightly more than two days ago. The article caught me by surprise and made me wept uncontrollably for a good half hour as each and every words of his pierced deep into my heart.
It took me awhile to get out of my emotional state and gave his message a serious thought. What could make a Man of his Calibre come out with such a statement? Could it be the Perak fiasco that finally break him? This is not difficult for me to relate. For a man who has dedicated and sacrificed a good part of his life in fighting for a better Malaysia and especially after the 12th GE momentum, many turn of events thereafter can be quite disheartening. And it is also part of our failure to keep up with his intense pace and provide him with enough support that further drove him to this state.
I may not have the privilege that Haris, Bernard, Delcapo and many others who have walked with him for quite awhile but it doesnt takes a rocket scientist to figure out how much this one man has done to change the landscape of Malaysia political arena to what it is today.
My first real encounter with him was during the first sedition trial despite being an avid follower of his articles for years and only to gain momentum after his habeas corpus release on 7th Nov last year. Though my personal encounter with him is short, he has shown me hope for a better Malaysia and has been a great inspiration to me to take up this fight and push for Change. I am sure many of you out there share my sentiment judging from the comments that have been posted around the blogosphere.
Pete, with all due respect, please reconsider your decision. You are no quitter as far as I am concerned. One step back, three step forward, is what you told me. And it is time to take a step back. When you move forward this time, The Whisperer shall walk with you all the way. This is just the beginning of another battle, so to speak and You Will Never Walk Alone Again!


Anonymous said...

veri kau yee hei

Anonymous said...

Whisperer, I am with you here. Peace Bro

Admiral Tojo

Malaysian Joe said...


His article could be a pre-emptive statement which I am afraid is coming through.

A bench that is hell bent to do the bidding of botak, I fear the worst for RPK. I have also kept mum on that article as I cannot find the right words to express my dismay should Malaysia lose one of their greatest sons of freedom and democracy.


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