Thursday, February 12, 2009

RPK's Date At The Palace Of Justice...

The Palace Of Justice

This is not exactly the place you want to go for a date. This is the place where appeals are heard by Federal Court judges and Pete was required to be here on the Home Ministry appeal against his habeas corpus release.

A number of Pete's hardcore supporters came in support and many more were with us in Spirit as it was a working day.
All of us jostled into the courtroom well before 9am. We were told by the our lawyer that there are 25 appeals to be heard today and Pete's case is number 22th and 25th on the list. Another long day ahead, I thought to myself.
When the police brought in all the case related 'criminals', we were force to give up our seats and squeezed into other benches. Imagine the courtroom can only seat around 50 people at any one time. Some Palace of Justice, it is.
Please refer here and here for detail of the appeal hearing.

What really puzzles me during my visit to The Palace of Justice was that this so called palace house only 4 courtrooms and I was told only 3 are functional at any one time despite all its grandeur. Hundreds of millions of taxpayers dollars was used to built something of this magnitude and this is all we get. Something good for the eyes. Perception to justify the usage of taxpayers dollars. Blatant wastage to be topped up with morgue-like atmosphere except for some actions at level 2 only when the 3 courtrooms swing into action.

Looking up from the concourse area

The Dome

The Justice Muzuem remained close

So was the Library

The Empty Nursery

The Ghostly Corridor


Antares said...

Your firsthand report reveals the truth about Umno/BN - there's actually nobody in charge! The Badawi/Najib administration is all front & no interior or back... while the tourists are busy photographing the impressive facade, the thieves have made off with the national treasure through a secret tunnel leading straight to an underground bank vault....

Anonymous said...

How come my facial expression so weird???

peng said...

Now we know how the BN government waste money!

Malaysian Joe said...

Hollow... what palace of justice?