Monday, July 6, 2009

1Malaysia: Najib Should Learn From The Kelantanese...

Haji Massid On The Right
Haji Massid was there to greet us when we first arrived at Kota Bharu. Since then, he has never fail in showing us his hospitality at his utmost best. People may asked what is this man doing with a bunch of chinaman from Kuala Lumpur. That question is for folks from other state. But this is very natural for a Kelantanese. I believe this is due to the great leadership of Tok Guru Nik Aziz. Otherwise, how do you explain the vast difference between a Kelantan malay and malays from other state?
I used to make a monthly business trip to Kelantan for 5 years which stopped since 1991. And 18 years later, I still finds them the same. So all you folks who have never been here, don't get yourself misled by our politicians and mainstream media on the Kelantan PAS governance. All that have been politicized by UMNO are just blatant lies. But then, I am only talking about Kelantan PAS. I cant say the same for Terengganu PAS or Kedah PAS. They are just different entities.

And today, a total stranger paid for my food and drinks while i was taking a break after some photo shoot coverage on Manek Urai nomination day. It is not because of the free food. It was the gesture of friendliness. Yes, this adik is a Kelantanese.

Thank you, Kelantanese, for making me feel at home. And the reason i am here is to throw my support behind Tok Guru for his wisdom and his sincerity and humanity stand.


Anonymous said...

Kelantan is a nice place.
Been there few years ago. The people there are nice and friendly.
Most importantly, I feel safer walking on the street compare to walking on KL streets!!!
MSM story about Kelantan, is really bull shit!

Anonymous said...

Go duke go, please help Kelantanese get back what was stolen from them by UMNO and BN, their oil royalty money.

Free Kelantan from thieves.

Shalom, Admiral Tojo