Sunday, July 12, 2009

Umno Remains Clueless On How To Win A By-Election...

Yes, this is exactly how I feel after walking the ground of a few by-elections. Manek Urai is no different from the rest if not, worse. I am beginning to wonder why BN took the trouble to contest in this by-election in the first place.
I do not know whether any of you notice this.. Have anyone of you read about Umno's ceramah of late? Perhaps, some press conference given by some big shots like Muhyiddin and Khairy. And that's about it.
I have travelled the length and breathe of Manek Urai for the past 5 days and have attended some of the PAS ceramahs and I have yet to come across any Umno's ceramah. Except for the huge air-conditioned bilik gerakan set up somewhere by the roadside and the VIPs being flown in with helicopters.
Forget about Khairy's claim that Hadi Awang and Nash have been absenced from Manek Urai. Hadi was there during nomination day and he did gave a few ceramah. As for Nash, he did hold a prayer with Tok Guru this morning. But to me, Nash is irrelevant. I rather that he just stay away from Manek Urai.
Khairy, didn't your SBs and military intelligence feed you with reliable information? Yet, you need to lie through your nose. Don't forget that you have press people and bloggers around to reveal the truth.
The unity talk was just a test of strength by Hadi and Nash. They tried and it backfired on them and I believe they regretted ever making this move. Too late Hadi. Too late Nash. Both of you have just dig your own grave. BR bloggers will make sure that both of you go down when the time comes.
Khairy and their controlled media is still spinning on this unity issue. It just tells me one thing- Umno has run out of ideas on how to win a by-election. They just don't have any legitimate issue to harp on. And if you think that they are going to offer instant noodles to Manek Urai community, think again. I believe the whole chunk will disappear into their own pockets along the way before it reaches the ground. I am also clueless of their actions here in Manek Urai. What else can they do except to buy votes and cheat? The response from the ground unanimously favours Pakatan Rakyat.
The mindset of Manek Urai folks remains the same and they are very much aware now. Umno lies, Umno cheats and Umno betrays the rakyat.
Simply base on these few factors and my observation on the ground's activities, Manek Urai belongs to PAS by a slightly higher majority.
It's indeed heartening to feel the Wind Of Change continues blowing even in this remote town of Manek Urai.


Hawkeye said... no no one lah.. only know how to cheat people and bluff people with one Malaysia and two Perak and three point five million land for 40 million bungalow and owe people of Kelantan billion ringgit and pretend no no and never pay.

sivado said...

Muhyidin seorang Menteri Pelajaran, tak tahu kah jika bersalaman dengan orang lebih tua, ibubapa, tok Imam kita cium tangan, apa salahnya, bodoh punya menteri dia salam dengan ibubapa dengan gelak ketawa agaknya, cakaplah berkenaan isu-isu yang lebih bernas