Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Bridge Still Too Far For Muhyiddin, A Sweet Victory For Manek Uraians...

They were confident that their new dirty tricks this time could carry them through this by-election. Even KJ can predict a 38 votes win way before the counting. How did he manage to get that figure eludes my simplified mind? But there is definitely something more to it. Maybe he knew about the number of votes their new tricks is going to get them and subtract it off from feedback he received from all pondok panas- thus the magic figure. No? Good try, anyway.
Then try explain to me 1) why was there an unusual high number of SPR workers hanging around the SPR booths all over the polling stations. Unusual in the sense that my experiences through 4 by-elections does not tally with what I have seen today. 2) Why was there an unusual high traffic movement of SPR vehicles with police escort moving from one polling station to another? Imagine a fleet of 3-4 SPR vehicles weaving through jams form one polling station to another periodically. What was the for? I don't see that happening in other by-election.
For all the hypes about phantom voters, vote buying and instant noodles, SPR seemed to be their main weapon in this just concluded by-election. Perhaps now we can see the reasons why SPR has come out with rules and regulation on pondok panas and supporters to be situated at least 50metres away from polling station.
PAS and Manek Uraians did not lose any further support like what the 65 votes majority would have suggested. Yet, we do not know the truth behind the sudden drastic decrease in majority. But they do.. They know what they did and they should know the true majority.
Lets assume that this majority is true and with the ever increasing popularity of Najib among the rakyat, don't you think the time is ripe for Najib to call for a snap election? Any takers? Well, Pak Lah did that after the transition and he seeked a new mandate. What about the transition from Pak Lah to Najib? Don't you think Najib should call for one to seek a fresh mandate? No? Ball-less? I guess so too...
Whatever it is, a 65 votes victory is still a victory. A victory especially sweet if we consider the dirty tricks they employed in this by-election. And considering the fact that Umno uses dirty tricks in all elections, be it a general election or a by-election.
I came here with the intention to support Tok Guru whom I have grown to admire and respect for his stand. Religion with a dash of humanity can never go wrong. Definitely not religion with politics.
And I would dedicate this victory to my late dad who passed on exactly one month ago today. He has been supportive in everything I do. So Dad, this one is for you. Miss you very much, Dad.
Many thanks to all those who have been encouraging and supportive behind us. Few person I would like to mention here. Datuk Zaid Ibrahim for offering us shelter and minders to ensure our stay here and welfare here is well taken care of and to those Kelantanese who showered us with their friendliness and hospitality, thank you all. We couldn't ask for more.

Last but not least, to my partners in crime Tok Zorro, Hawkeye and ShanghaiFish, you guys have been immaculate.

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You got it right on the SNAP election!




And lastly three loud cheers of hurray for the sb! And hope your next stop will be in Perak.