Friday, July 24, 2009

Umno Goes Offensive With All Its Machinery?

First, it was the judiciary and the police force and now, we have the MACC and some so called organisations namely, Pekida and Pewaris, joining the foray. The corrupted trying to pin corruption unto others with the help of their machinery and their thugs trying to send out warnings through racist spinning of issues. And what does all these tells us?
Our country is definitely going down to the hyenas.
Forget about those popularity survey. Forget about the recent manipulated stock market spike up. These are just publicity stunts. At the end of the day, majority of the rakyat are going to end up as losers.
Again, Dean Johns does it best with his latest.
Umno's war against Malaysia
Dean Johns

The suspicious death of Teoh Beng Hock last week while in the custody of the Malaysian Anti- Corruption Commission (MACC) has provoked such an outpouring of rage against the Umno-dominated Barisan Nasional government that there's little point in adding my two cents' worth.

Except to make the point that, rather than reacting to every successive atrocity as if it were an isolated case, it's time to put all the pieces together and face the big picture: that Umno is waging an increasingly uncivil war against the Malaysia that most Malaysians stand for.

Since the decimation of long-term allies like the MIC and MCA in the 2008 general election, and a string of electoral setbacks of its own since then, Umno has been steadily escalating hostilities in its fight to regain lost ground.

Admittedly it hasn't yet resorted to the ultimate weapon of so many other rotten, repressive regimes - the replacement of the ballot with the bullet.

But it has taken to using money as ammunition more blatantly than ever, as in its infamous repurchase of power in Perak and the case of the bridge and other bribes that recently almost bought it victory in the Manek Urai by-election.

And in clear contradiction of its claim to be committed to the concept of equality for all in '1Malaysia', it has been shamelessly practising its traditional and highly successful 'divide and conquer' tactic through the promotion of conflict.

Recently-proposed 'unity' talks with Islamic party PAS appear to have made considerable impact. It has caused bad blood if not yet outright hostility between PAS factions, and weakened many voters' faith in the party's future as a force in the opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat.

And the current commander-in-chief of Umno, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, has given the lie to his brave new '1Malaysia' war-cry by firing-off a salvo declaring it the bounden duty of every Malay and thus every Muslim to enlist in the Umno cause.

As ever, Najib's assault on the hearts and minds of the nation are being strongly supported by Umno's propaganda brigade, the mercenaries and camp-followers of Malaysia's mainstream media.

Recent examples of guerilla journalism in support of the Umno cause include an article by New Straits Times Group managing editor Zainul Ariffin Isa, who accused critics of the MACC over Teoh's death of trying to “demonise Malay institutions”. Another was the craven call by Wong Chun Wai, group chief editor of Star, not to “politicise” the situation.

But this war goes far beyond words. The shock-troops in Umno's increasingly savage assaults on Malaysia, its citizens and constitution are the police, judiciary and other supposedly impartial protectors of the populace, like the Electoral Commission and the MACC.

These renegade organisations have apparently abandoned all but the thinnest pretence of neutrality in favour of serving as hired guns for Umno.

The MACC, for example, mounts ferocious attacks on corruption, but only when this is alleged to have been committed by Umno's enemies, opposition parties and their supporters. Arguably unfounded accusations of alleged infractions by Selangor Pakatan assemblypersons are being dealt with so severely, as to result in the death of an innocent bystander.

Meanwhile, it completely ignores far more tempting targets like Umno's Dr Mohd Khir Toyo, a former menteri besar of Selangor who has allegedly amassed and spent a fortune way beyond his legitimate means.

The MACC also suspiciously lacks aggression in its pursuit of dozens of other Umno and Umno-related prey, like the perpetrators of the RM12-billion Port Klang Free Zone atrocity.

Similarly, the force supposedly charged with guarding the nation's electoral system, the EC, appears utterly derelict in its duty when it comes to the gerrymandering, roll-stacking and vote-buying on which Umno's survival so heavily depends.

Losing battle

But when it comes to crimes in Umno's war against Malaysia, the EC and MACC look like pacifists compared with the police. However many deceased electors that the EC carries on its voter rolls, I've never heard it accused of actually killing any. Nor, as far as I know, has the MACC been suspected of torturing and murdering witnesses before the case of Teoh.

The police have accounted for so many victims, either killed in suspicious shoot-outs or dead as a result of 'accidents' or mysterious 'illnesses' in custody. So many of the deceased are Indians and Chinese Malaysians or foreigners that the scale of these activities almost amounts to ethnic cleansing.

Nobody knows the true toll the police take of Umno's enemies, however, as their activities are shrouded in secrecy. Few cases, if any, are ever properly investigated or prosecuted, even when they come to public notice or achieve outright notoriety like those of Altantuya Shaariibuu and A Kugan.

In any event, the Malaysian police have more vital missions to perform than investigating their own affairs. Like tear-gassing, beating and arresting unarmed citizens who peacefully assemble to protest against Umno; blocking roads to prevent anti-Umno rallies; and massing outside polling stations and opposition ceramah (political talks) to put the fear of God into Umno's enemies.

With all this muscle on its side, however, and a seemingly limitless supply of pillaged public money in its war-chest, Umno sometimes finds itself fighting a losing battle. But it always seems to have an arsenal of alternative weapons and fallback strategies for times like this. Like the well-worn trick of calling a truce and surrendering to public demand for a royal commission.

But, as we've seen since the one conducted on the police force a few years ago, and more recently on the judiciary, royal commissions are nothing but diversionary tactics designed to buy Umno time to regroup and rearm before going back on the offensive.

As offensive as Umno is, however, and as weary as most Malaysians must be after 50 years of fighting in vain for fairness, equality, justice and freedom, at least there's consolation in the knowledge that nothing lasts forever. There's always the chance that Umno will finally self-destruct like the Marcos regime in the Philippines or the Suharto military dictatorship in Indonesia.

I just hope that the forces of enlightenment, progress and active but peaceful resistance can somehow finally defeat the warmongers and whoremongers of Umno before they utterly destroy Malaysia the way the generals and their army have devastated Burma, and Mugabe and his 'war veterans' have totally trashed Zimbabwe.


ahoo said...

Beautifully written and what more can I say ? For a nation to receive freedom, some form of sacrifice needs to be offer. In the current case, so many lives have been offered as in the case of custodial death.

We need true muslims to take back this nation from the evil regime before we become like Zimbabwe.

Anonymous said...

A good article giving a summary of the problems with how Malaysia is governed.

The article should be passed around far and wide and often.


TheWhisperer said...

Some comments from MT:

written by Cash Money, July 25, 2009 13:29:33javascript:void(0)

Saya Melayu Tahu....tepuk dada amok....apa macam ini.Sejarah berulang, tapi tak boleh pakai lagi...

written by Oscar Winner, July 25, 2009 13:37:14

Malaysia's no. 1 bully mobilising all their thugs to scare the rakyat. The leader of the gang is none other than the Crime Minister -- with a kris tucked around his waist--- the master-planner of all crimes. It's the begining of "WANT Malaysia, Murder People First, Perform NOW"

written by ibabonma, July 25, 2009 13:39:49

Majority of the government servants no longer favour Umno, so don't worry too much of their blunt offensives. The kampung folks are getting older by the day (including Umno's logo ... looks old, nampak usang) and the younger generation takes over and majority are anti-Umno. Najis/Umno, your days are numbered.

written by onnetline, July 25, 2009 13:44:28

The rakyat shouldn't be surprised at UMNOs continuous corrupted ways.
It's their culture and way of life.

It's ripe time to vote these racist ' trash ' out of the government !


written by Sabahfan, July 25, 2009 14:05:56

I agree, except for the statement "Our country is definitely going down to the hyenas."

it is insulting to the hyenas or dogs....

these two animals are angels becos they are innocent nature compared to UMNO who are the bloodiest corrupted regime on earth, worst than apartheid s africa or israel that they had been criticising for years.

UMNO is hell, worst that hantu, devil, lucifer and satan all combined in hundred fold. they are the hipocritic murderers who blames others for their crime...

tak malu, their lesbian cybertrooper le*** them in internet warfare of lies, deciet and deception, their murderers are MACC and polices, their instrument of cheating are EC, judiciary and their MSM and rtm, their rubber stamp is the judiciary and their political campaigner and angkat kakis are gapena, perkida, umno youth, umno clubs overseas, bekas perajurit umno, bekas police clubs, umno businessmen who got free contracts from their political masters, the underworld control by tansris from umno..etc etc

pls feel free to cut and paste in your own blogs and declare this writing as your own.

written by Msian Idol3, July 25, 2009 14:07:32

PDRM,Judiciary,MACC,Pekida,Perwaris,EC are working under UMNO's orders. Isn't it funny that MACC is now investigating a case of land deal where our famous Chua was Minister. Isn't MACC quick to latch on to this task since Chua joins PKR. However, every time the govt goons try to do something against Pakatan, almighty have always intervened with some govt goons/proxies tripping up and fire up the rakyat. Well, the more the UMNO govt black hand deals, the more the rakyat knows. The by election lossess are a great yardstick on whats to come & yet UMNO instead of doing the right stuffs have gone tangently wrong. I am sure they will lose big time in Peninsula if a GE were to be today. East Msians please note whats happening & don't be fool that its better to keep the devil you know than the unknown. Together we can form a better govt LONG TERM and stop UMNO's rubbish. We need change NOW.

written by 1st2stay, July 25, 2009 14:29:49

I can only repeat myself: BN is prepared to 'skip' GE 13 if it can't be sure of winning. Tun Razak has demonstrated a way to do away with an unfavourable democratic result. In his case, he also had to get rid of TAR. Now the situation is somewhat more advantageous for BN (UMNO): the person who is on top is well aware that he needs to stay there by hook or crook. If chances are that BN could be voted out, the election will not happen. Over. At least it will be a sandiwara election only. Some people are just too deeply involved in s*** to escape justice if ever they lose their positions. Let's face it. There are still ways for us Malaysians to get our country back on track peacefully, but GE it is not.


yapsir said...

The Heart of August
After many days of reflection on the late BH Teoh’s incident. I finally come to my own words to describe what was transpire.

Just one word:-Aselgeia.

aselgeia in greek denotes "excess, licentiousness, absence of restraint, indecency, wantonness and lasciviousness.
Which indicates a love of sin so reckless and so audacious that a man has ceased to care what God or man thinks of his actions, which contain the idea of shamelessness, outrageousness.
[ It simply denotes wrong doing so open and so blatant that it has ceased to have any regard for what anyone may think or feel or say.
The characteristics of 'aselgeia.' have wanton and undisciplined action. It is the action of a man who is at the mercy of his passions and his impulses and his emotions, and in whom the voice of calm reason has been silenced by the storms of self will.
It has respect neither for the persons nor the rights of anyone else. It is violent, insolvent, abusive, audacious. Any thought and sympathy for the feelings of others has ceased to exist.
It is completely indifferent to public opinion and to public decency. A man may well begin to do a wrong thing in secret; at the beginning his one aim an desire may be to hide it from the eyes of men. He may love the wrong thing, and he may even be mastered by it, but he is still ashamed of it. But it is
perfectly possible for him to come to the stage when he does openly and blatantly that which he did secretly and in concealment. He may come to a stage of sin when he is so lost to shame that he no longer cares what others see, and what they may say, or what they may think.
The terrible thing about Lasciviousness is that it is the act of a character which has lost that which ought to be its greatest defense--its self-respect, and its sense of shame. "Flesh and Spirit," by William Barclay.]

The journey for truth, justice, transparency , fairness, freedom, righteousness has just begun. It takes our unity, perseverance and willingness to make it happen.
Let the “Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia” come together to make Malaysia a better place for our children and their children to come.

yapsir (Henry Yap)