Thursday, July 9, 2009

Manek Urai: Walking With The PAS Candidate...

Dr Hatta Ramli made an arrangement for bloggers to meet up with Mohd Fauzi Abdullah also known as Abe Uji to Manek Urai folks.The conference was scheduled to be at 11:30am.
We made it there a little late as the blogger's meet last night ended a bit late. We only got back to Kota Bharu at around 3:45am. A little chat with our host and some meddling with downloading those photos taken from earlier ceramah, it was almost 6:00am when we hitted the comfort of our beds.
Little were exposed during the Q&A time but as usual for me, I rather observed the way Abe Uji carries himself and the manner he tackles those questions that were thrown at him. Believe me, those questions thrown at him were difficult questions as most of it surround Umno's character assassination attempts that are still circulating around Manek Urai. Besides, why should I believe all those sweet replies after being put through years of political sweet talks that always ended up as 'talks that don't walk' (sounds familiar, don't they?).
This meet is my third encounter with Abe Uji. The earlier two encounters were at Sg Rek and Kg Karangan ceramahs.
This is what I have to say about this man...

Abe Uji At Sg Rek

Abe Uji In Kg Karangan

Abe Uji With The Bloggers

Perhaps, I should just relate my observation and let you people be the judge. Our first ceramah was being part of Datuk Zaid Ibrahim entourage to Sg Rek. Abe Uji walked in during Datuk's speech. He was in his slippers and it didn't cross my mind at all that he was the PAS candidate for Manek Urai. Don't let his serban cloud your judgement. I believe many would relate it to being ultra religious or ultra racist or even terrorist in the like of Osama Bin Laden. To me, it is irrelevant. All of you only have to compare to those Umno goons in western blazer with shining Bally shoes. They are the one who are racist behind ketuanan melayu and have had disillusioned the religion beyond the correct path to their advantage. So Muhyiddin should just surrender. Who says that corruption is permitted in Islam? Who says that disrespecting other faith is Islamic? They didn't say it but in practice, they did it Big Time.

Lets forget about Umno for time being and allow me to continue on Abe Uji.

Nothing much we can derive from Abe Uji's ceramah. He merely introduced himself and touch a bit of his family background. He speaks with a soft spoken voice.

Our Q&A session was quite a show. Abe Uji calmly clarrified all allegations that were thrown at him without once hitting out at the opposition.

I would credit Abe Uji's qualities to one man... that is Tok Guru Nik Aziz. God fearing, Humble, Calm and Wise. Watch out for this man. He is meant to serve the people.
Our request for a walkabout with the candidate was immediately granted. We were taken to Kg Budi where Abe Uji was scheduled to campaign there. I ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The Road Leading Into Kg Budi

The Crossroad

The Path To Heaven

The One To Hell

Abe Uji Laying Foundation For Pondok

The Durian Feast

Dr Lo Lo Goes Traditional

The Press and Bloggers

Barisan Rakyat Bloggers

Young Aspiring Blogger

Daily Bulletin: PAS Efficiency

The Restaurant Owner And His Crew

We missed our breakfast to be on time for the meeting. We decided to leave the lunch for Kg Budi folks as there were many people around. After the walkabout event, we drove towards Kota Bharu. It was a choice of fate that brought us to Ketereh (4) restaurant in Kuala Krai. Food was fantastic. The owner was even more gracious. Noticing that we were supporting PAS, he provided us with free drinks. We became good friends. Again, Kelantanese has proven themselves.

It was also fated that we experienced a flat tyre after lunch. Yes, it was the same tyre that we had during KT by-election. I take it as a good omen despite the hardship I went through replacing the flat under the scorching sun. We won KT with a bigger majority, didn't we? Zorro and Hawkeye did not leave me alone out there. They come in handy at times.


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