Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Blue Blitz Spreads Its Wings Again: Manek Urai, Here We Come..

Oh! what a day.. Having to crawl out of bed at such torturous hour just to meet up with Zorro and Hawkeye at 10:00am for our trip to Manek Urai. After a sumptuous breakfast and some final arrangement, we finally left KL for Manek Urai via Gerik at about noon.

Blue Blitz With Wings Spread

Lunch At Lenggong

It's Colourful Interior

The Bridge Over Temenggur Dam

From Another Angle

Zorro At It Again: Teasing The Cops

Belum Rain-forest Reserve: Nice Spot To Chill Out

We Did Exactly That

Our 6-Star Accomodation While Umno Chilling Out At The 4-Star Renaissance Hotel

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rodi said...

have fun dukey...without me *sob*

TheWhisperer said...

We wish you were here with us. It would be More Fun..

Still not too late though.

We will be here for 11 days.

Just dropby anytime..

Anonymous said...

You forgot to show us your lunch...the jelawat fish!! YUM...Yumm!

Yin said...


Take care and be good, okay!


JA said...

Dude , thanks for the report, please keep up the good work in kicking BN's assess.