Monday, July 13, 2009

Manek Urai: A Grand Ceramah For Manek Uraians To Remember...

Another long and tiring day. Another long drive which was further aggravated by a 15km jam towards the ceramah site in Kg Sg Peria. Guess I cant complain much as most of us went through the jam. Even Tok Guru, Anwar and Lim Kit Siang went through same. Except if you are some BN bigshot or not-so-big-shot, you will have the privilege to some outrider escort. Blatant arrogance and blatant abuse of people's machinery. Imagine them weaving through the already congested road, pushing and squeezing their way through with siren wailing and their dogs barking through their intercom for irate motorists to make way. Kurang ajar betul! Showing off their authority and riches to the folks of Manek Urai as if the Manek Uraians were impressed with their attitude. From where I stood with them, most were disgusted with such nonsensical attitude. 'Kureng sopen' coupled with a few Quranic verses were the common responds.
Well, so much for ranting. Already a delay in getting this post up on time. I apologised for the delay. After each outing, we would reached Kota Bharu late, drained and worn. But overall, it was another euphoric moment... a moment where Manek Uraians is going to decide this coming 14th July and again set the stage for further political changes. A change that all Malaysians have been waiting for..
But let me remind all of you here.. these changes takes time. Do not waver. Read mainstream media with a pinch of salt. If possible, read reliable blogs for truthful news. Besides. it's free.
I ll let some pics of the day's events take you through our journey. Enjoy!!

Our small entourage left Kota Bharu at about 5:00pm for Manek Urai. We chanced upon Kickdefella and spouse. Dinner was at Ketereh's famous noodles shop. We seem to attract attention all over Kelantan. Guess we look foreign to them. Cant even escape these 3 little angels.

Caught in a 15km jam heading towards Kg Sg Peria where the grand ceramah is to be held. The Kg Sg Peria PAS operation centre organiser gave us special treatment. They reserved a VIP parking berth for our Blue Blitz. We mingled around the moment we reached there.

Me and my adopted sidekick, Amir, head towards the ceramah site which is situated in a small field some 20metres away. About 200 supporters were there taking up the best seats. Nestled right in the middle corner is the simple newly built stage.
A touching tribute to the former assemblyman, Pak Su Weil, was aired. Touching indeed if you are there to listen to the song that goes along with the clips. Manek Uraians are not going to fail the late Pak Su Weil for the service and deeds he have brought to Manek Urai folks.

The supporters continue to pour in as the ceramah started. Every available space was filled up in no time. Many brought their own mat or cardboards. The crowd swelled all the way out into the main road and even spilled over to the opposite side of the road.I estimated this crowd to be in the region between 8000-10,000 as compared to Muhyidin's earlier ceramah which attracts only 150 people.

The three tokohs representing the Pakatan Rakyat coalition was the main attraction. They caome to create awareness among the Manek Uraian of the fact that our present Federal govenment and its system have failed the rakyat. Corruption must go! Stop antagonize the rakyat with abuses of power! And that Umno is the one who have betrayed the Malays.

Last but not least, RPK's fight continues with us in Manek Urai.

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Hawkeye said...

Haha the commenter is here again,

Good work bro,

sori, i can't make the return trip as got work to do and cant reschedule.

The support team is already up there and you have plenty company. : )

Cheers and take care!

Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Whisperer

Thank you for sharing those pictures - they speak thousand words - and to see these people took all the trouble the traffic jam to listen to the leaders in every possible ways makes my heart cry for i am not that committed and dedicated as they are when i should do more, in thousand folds.

May God bless and protect them all, always, especially tomorrow.

To the men and women who have made this by-election such a huge success, enlighting us with so many issues that are not only applicable and relevant to MU people, but also to us concerned malaysians at large. My salute to them - even with limited financial resources and 'real' media coverage - they pulled through. May God bless them all.

To you, Uncle Zorro and the rest of Special Bunch troupees, please take care and thanks infinitely for doing these all for us...

Hugs for all there...

Anonymous said...

Zorro, Duke and the special bunch, thanks for bringing real news to our home.

May the force be with you. Stay safe.

Shalom Admiral Tojo