Friday, August 7, 2009

Anak Bangsa Malaysia Vs 1Malaysia...

Anak Bangsa Malaysia

1Malaysia? Hypocrite Style

Stay Tune For The Launch. Get Back The Power To The People. Show Them We Are The Rightful Boss!
We Are Anak Bangsa Malaysia!


Earlybird said...

Eagerly awaiting the launch - cant come too soon -enough is enough.

Hope said...

We are of one race. We are Malaysians.

TheWhisperer said...

Right on, Hope..

Politician can go claim that they champion this Unity cause with their slogan, 1Malaysia or Ketuanan Rakyat. But when it comes to practice, they failed miserably.

It's the right time for Us, Anak Bangsa Malaysia, to show them what we have been practising among us of what Anak Bangsa Malaysia is all about.

You are one true Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

See you around when the time comes.

Thanks for everything.

Anonymous said...

This 1 they did not tell you.