Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pictoral Tale Of Permatang Pasir Polling Day...

I know it is a bit late in coming out with this posting. But considering the work we did walking the ground daily and ended up dead tired by the night, I guess it's excusable and it's better late than never.
Back to work and sitting at my desk with the satisfaction feeling still lingering on inside me... I don't know what else can beat this feeling from a battle well fought and won. I am not even bothered with those post mortem that have been churning out after the result. The real satisfaction comes from all the ground work. Being able to work and walk in unity with the PAS people and other bloggers against the might of Umno, this result couldn't be any sweeter in any other way.
For the by-election record in the peninsular, Najib 0-7 ; Muhyiddin 0-2. It is a victory for the people against the rotten system.

Some Scenes From Around The Polling Centres

Kubang Semang

Bukit Indera Muda

They were paid. Caught them putting on the t-shirt

Permatang Pauh

Permatang Pasir

Why were the FRU brought in here in Permtang Pasir? The cops have been unfair in enforcing some EC rulings. Those motorcyclist wearing party's t-shirt passing through polling centre here were stopped. Either they were turned back or asked to remove their t-shirt. But when it was obvious that the police were targeting only PR supporters, they crowd jeered at the police. Thus, they mobilized the FRU. A standoff began until the police decided to back off and enforced this ruling fairly. It seemed that different polling station have different rulings. Perhaps, it is up to the commander in charge of the respective polling stations. No flags were allowed here but we can see their goons marching with flags at Permatang Pauh freely without police intervention. Thumbs down to the cop in charge here in Permatang Pasir and Permatang Pauh. Talking about good cops and bad dogs.

Hired Hooligans At Polling Day

First sighted in Kubang Semang where Anwar is going to cast his vote. These mat rempits from Pemuda Umno Kepala Batas came in more than hundred in a convoy of motorcycles. It is obvious that they are just boys being hired to create some tension. I commended the police for keeping these boys at bay. They parked their bikes in an area gazetted for PAS supporters. But why weren't the FRU mobilize to curb with situation like this? These boys were later found causing skirmishes at other polling stations later in the day as reported by Viveg.

This other group, also Pemuda something else, trying to duplicate PAS's Umit Amal troops but all for the wong reason. They were there to create trouble rather than keeping their supporters in check. Why didn't the police stop them from marching? The polling has started 2 hours earlier. They were causing jam in a already congested road. And I caught them instigating a fight with a single Amal boy. If only they have the balls to go one on one... I don't think they have any balls at all. Effective only in big group.. Those who instigated comes from one common clan, the Indian Muslims. So, is Umno protecting the Malays? More like Umno is against all that are against them.

Suspense And Jubilation

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