Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Historic Expedition Voyage Begins...

I got a call from Perisik Rakyat this morning informing me that he is on the expedition with 50 odd fellow expeditionist, comprising of Kelantan's state excos, parliamentarians, journalists and bloggers.
This voyage is going to take them within 500metres off Cakrawala Oil Rig Complex. The significance behind this voyage is to witness for themselves the exploitation of oil and gas by our federal owned national oil and gas concern, off the coast of Kelatan state boundary. This will further strengthen the state claims over the issue of royalty payment agreed upon in 1975.
This voyage begins from Pengkalan Kubur, Tumpat, and is expected to reach its destination later in the day. However, Perisik Rakyat reported that they were stopped by police the moment they reached the river mouth heading towards the sea despite being given approval by the Maritime authority. Routine check, they claimed. But all went well after each and every expeditionist details was recorded.
Please stay tune for more updates. You may update yourself on Perisik Rakyat's blog later in the day for reports and pics.
Meanwhile, I would take this opportunity to credit this tireless blogger for his undying dedication and contribution towards online journalism. He was standing alongside us last Saturday and now he is sailing off the coast of Kelantan.
Salam and Salute to You, Bro!!
We are glad to have you working together with us.

Hidup Rakyat! Hidup Anak Bangsa Malaysia!

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