Sunday, August 2, 2009

PDRM Ran Amok, Yet The People Prevailed...

They chose to be blind. They refused to listen. They even threw threats at us but on this hazy hot August 1st afternoon, the people came out to walk in solidarity, regardless of race, walk or religion, to let it be known that we, the people, with our fear casted aside, ready to face whatever they planned to throw at us, for as long as we can get our voice across to those tyrants who walks the corridor of power that we have had enough of their rotten system and it is time for Reform to take charge.
I effortlessly found my way into Medan Tuanku and parked my car there at around 12:00 noon. Many have already gathered there while others were streaming in. Met up with Haji Massid at Sogo entrance. Haji Massid, our minder during our Manek Urai trip, travelled by train from Kota Bharu. Like many others, they boarded the train last night and reached here as early as 8:00am. We took a place at Secret Recipe overlooking Jalan TAR. Police and SBs were present about everywhere. Some periodic unwarranted arrests were made. There were no unrest nor were there any provocation. The police were creating the tense situation with their continuous show of authority. They were like mad dogs chasing people off the street and made few arrests each time they went amok.

At about 1:15pm, Sogo decided to pull down their shutters. The police went on rampage again sending people fleeing into nearby shops. Many were being dragged out from shops and arrested immediately. The crowd swelled as the time approached 2:00pm. Some claimed it's around 20,000 while others played it down to 5,000. I honestly have no idea. But I'll let my pics tell the truth. What I have taken is only from Sogo side. So you people have to estimate from other pics taken around the National Mosque and Masjid Jamek area. It won't be difficult task to sum up the total of those who walked this sunny afternoon.

At around 1:45pm, I got a text from a friend who was holding out in Masjid Jamek. The police have taken over Masjid Jamek and that the crowd is on their way here to join us. FRU were sent to set up a barricade on the other side. That was when the Unit Amal boys start marching in from this side without resistant. Many PAS leaders were within this group. They caught the police by surprise. Another line of FRU were immediately called over to form a barricade.

The police force were caught sandwiched and outnumbered between two huge crowd. But true to our initial intention to have this peaceful march, the Amal group break up towards Sogo side after a stand off and failed negotiation. That was when the police started to push. People were voluntarily moving aside yet they push. Causing some jostling among the crowd.

Regrouping was at the slip road between Pertama complex and Sogo which leads to Jalan Raja Laut. A temporary stage was set up for leaders to address the crowd.
Meanwhile parallel to Jalan Raja Laut, another group of protesters were halted from proceeding to Masjid Negara via Jalan Kucing by the FRU stationed near the Bank Negara proximity.

Speeches were given and it's time to move towards Dataran Merdeka. The water cannon trucks suddenly appeared and came rushing down at us. We were trapped with nowhere to escape. Those who could ran towards the complexes but for us, we just squat down with our back facing those chemical laced foam. That was the beginning of the assault which continues to way past 5:00pm. Assault after assault were launched. We regrouped and headed back. PAS official came and advised all to disperse. That was when the biggest assault came just as we were about to disperse. All were pushed towards Sogo and they started firing countless volumes of teargas into that direction. Those behind the FRU were not spared either. Helicopters were raining down teargas canister onto us.

It was a senseful act of irresponsibility on the police part. Many innocent bystander became victims of their brutality. But today, the people proved to them again. We meant what we said. We wanted peace and we did it peacefully. They reacted shamelessly. Firing teargas indiscriminately. Beating up people without being provoked.

We are strangers. We may be of different races. But we are One by a common cause. Today, the people can hold their head high. The Spirit of Unity held on strongly. The above pic taken by ShanghaiFish says it all. I went through my fair share of the same heartwarming experiences today.
We won something despite the failure to submit the memorandum to the King.
We, Malaysians, can live together in peace and harmony. Definitely not what Umno has been trying to portray to us for the past 51 years.
Hidup Rakyat! Hidup Anak Bangsa Malaysia!
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Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Salute your dedication! Glad you are safe. :) Yin.

Anonymous said...

Tes Duke, we proved to Najib and his running dogs , the police, that we are CIVILISED. We could have easily run them down if we had wanted to. Maybe next time Bro. This time we showed them who we are, a disciplined, civilised people, quite unlike UMNO. By the way, I did not even see a single Pro-ISA idiot in the crowd.

Yes, next time we will take control of the water canon truck.

Shalom Admiral Tojo

Antares said...

Two thumbs up, Duke. Very inspiring post!

Kell^ said...

Opps, i was in the area too. didnt catch a glimpse of you though. I was pinned to the sogo wall at one point, when we got ambushed and tear-gassed. Care to read my posting? =P