Sunday, August 23, 2009

Don't Get Carried Away With BN's Lacklustre Attitude In Permatang PASir...

It may appear that Permatang PASir seat is already in PR's hand with BN fielding a wrong candidate, low attendance in their ceramahs, Election Commission raiding for abuse of machinery and whatnot..
Lets not get carried away and be complacent.
All these may appear stupid. In fact, it was all very stupid but we need to ask ourselves:- 'Why are they throwing away their time and resources like they are on a self destruct mode?'. Things may not be as simple as it looked.
Allow me to take all of you back to Manek Urai. It was the same scenario over there. There were few ceramahs held and if there is one, the turnout would be miserable too. But PR managed to defend this seat by a mere 65 votes. Some may attribute this low majority to the government organisations like Felda and Kesedar while others especially themselves claimed that the Malays has switched their support to Umno...
To me, all these are just deceptions. Perceptions created just to distract attention away from their element of surprise. And what may this element of surprise be? Just take a look at the voters turnout in Manek Urai.. 88% is somewhat of a record if we take away those few which registered more than 100% voters turnout. Catch the hint? And which of their controlled machinery is capable of increasing the voters turnout?
We all know that BN is going to use all the dirty tricks they have like in any other by-election. Money, racist cry and whatnot. And the concluded Manek Urai by-election somehow tells us another story. This surprise element of theirs seemed foolproof. Foolproof as in PR would have a tough time to identify and monitor them.
Just my 2 sen take here. I would not be complacent if I were you. This time, I would again observe the voters turnout and the majority.
That's all for now. I ll be making my trip to Permatang PASir in awhile to join my fellow warriors up there.
Stay tune for further report.

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Patriot said...

"Some may contribute this low majority to the government organisations like Felda and Kesedar"

Should have been "Some may attribute this...."

But no fear, we are on the same side.