Monday, August 24, 2009

Overwhelming Response To DAP's Super Sunday Ceramah...

It took us three hours to travel from Duta toll to Juru toll in our ever reliable Blue Blitz. It was a smooth trip with a pee stop at Simpang Pulai rest area.
Anyway, we managed to grab a quick rest before Uncle Zorro started to pressure us for the 'Super Sunday' ceramah in Tanah Liat, Bukit Mertajam. As usual, what Zorro wants, he gets..
We were one hour early and could easily be those first fews there. But there is something about Bukit Mertajam crowd... They all started to pour in and by 7:30pm, the hall was almost packed. This dinner cum ceramah was supposed to start at 8:00pm. Maybe, they are those punctual sort unlike the KLites. Perhaps, they were eager to listen to what PR leaders have to say..

The Dewan situated within the compound of Por Thor Temple.

The Theme Of The Dinner

The Early Birds
View From The Back

Curiosity Brought Him And Many Others Here
Anwar Explaining The Lunas Defection: It was his personal problem that brought about the defection. An exco with four wives... The Whisperer wonder how have he managed to run that effectively so far coupled with inpending court case against him..

Datuk Chua Chui Meng talks about the BN culture. Defending their own. And why have not Najib or Muhyiddin come out in support of Ong Tee Kiat? MCA is still the second largest component party in Barison Nasional. Interesting.. Why ah? Very unusual when we consider their history. Ong Tee Kiat has been hitted from outside and within.
Teoh Beng Hock issue was brought up and explained.

Anwar proclaimed that he is one of the best Menteri Besar this state has ever had aside from Wong Pow Nee. LGE stressed on race unity.. And being Malaysians, we should help one another to progress. Nice referendum to our Anak Bangsa Malaysia cause.

And the 3 components party flags flew gallantly in this breezeless night.
All in all, it was a quite a night. Many speakers were very vocal with their speeches. Again, the rots of BN were brought up to remind the people that we have been fleeced by the minority few hiding under the banner of Barisan Nasional.
The Whisperer believes that the people from this part of the country do not need any reminders. Voters here have the maturity to see and access on their own of the rot that have been happening since March 8th alone. We don't have the need to go beyond that. Umno arrogance and their racist stance. Lies, Lies and Lies after Lies!!
The Chinese is behind PAS is my take from this cearamah. At least, 80% Chinese votes will go to PAS. That is after taking away all the cash that has been thrown openly to the voters. As of today, it has increased to more than 1k from 300 earlier on. I am not even surprise at all. After all, it has been the norm for Umno to buy votes. Boy, they can never change.. They don't even have any idea where to start from. So what is next?
This seat is already in PAS's hands despite my earlier post. Winning majority is not an issue now. It is about winning against a party who has it all. Money, machinery, running dogs and whatnot... Yeah, that's the satisfaction. David against Goliath.
Perhaps, we can start calling Mohd Salleh Man, YB:-). In fact, I already did after this morning press conference at Markas Induk, Permatang PASir.


Anonymous said...

duke, puncture or punctual? the former "lao hong" psssssssssssttt.....


- anon joe -

ahoo said...

For those who have received cash, do check it out whether it is the real ones or the counterfeit ones ! There are smart people who can print money and con the old folks in these villages.