Saturday, August 15, 2009

'Blue Blitz' To Carry Anak Bangsa Malaysia Spirit Into Permatang Pasir...

A short rest after Manek Urai by-election, the Blue Blitz, once again has been called upon to biltz into Permatang Pasir, ferrying the Barisan Rakyat Bloggers armed with Anak Bangsa Malaysia spirit as opposed to the BN's 1Malaysia propaganda.
So much has been spent and said on their 1Malaysia propaganda but in reality, what we saw was further display of arrogance with blatant abuse of their machinery in the like of their police force, MSM, MACC and so forth.
The mysterious circumstances behind Teoh Beng Hock's passing, the racial stoking and active spinning of lies by Berita Mingguan and Utusan Malaysia and whichever manner which they can think of to hoodwink the people just to try to gain back the support of the people out of desperation. Their refusal to take action against all these wrongdoings proves their involvement behind all these handiwork.
The ongoing inquest over Beng Hock's death has turned into a farce. Utusan Malaysia and Berita Mingguan remained unpunished for publishing seditious articles. The MACC selective witch hunt investigation over Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen while the PKRZ scandal seemed to stall somewhere.
All these actions seemed to be political motivated. No matter how fake or dirty they are, they remained ignorant or blatant of their action as if we, the people are the brainless and gullible sort.

BN may feel that they may have gain ground with their MSM dutifully harping on racial slants. BN may have instigated some issues among Pakatan Rakyat with their trojan horses. They are just creating perception and it shall remains a perception in the eyes of the people.
The truth behind all these smokescreens is to divert attention from their clueless state of how to remain in power the right way. Their actions have proven to be more self destructive.
After saying all that, lets take a look at Permatang Pasir past election results. Permatang Pasir remained with PAS in 2004 when BN was given a 90% mandate. I would contribute that mandate as a mandate against Mahathir. Yet, Permatang Pasir like Permatang Pauh did not fall into BN's hand despite the large emotional voters swing.
Based on this fact alone, I don't see how Permatang Pasir is going to fall into their hands.
Forget about The Kg Buah Pala issue. Everyone knows that it was the misdeed of the previous administration. Which Hindraf group was involve here, anyway? The chap who prostituted himself to set up a breakaway group or the guy who went into exile? If the Kg Buah Pala are stupid enough to get themselves gullible to their evil motives and start blaming Lim Guan Eng for non action, then I really feel sorry for them for being stupid and gullible.
Where is the money that MIC promise? Why didn't they accept MIC offer? And where is MIC now?
In situation like this, one has to be able to compromise.Lim Guan Eng did exactly that but it wasn't enough for the folks for reason only known to them. Maybe they were gullible to those outside influence. BN was having a field day stirring up this issue. The previous administration and their crony developer remained the main culprit behind this problem.
Another issue we can expect them to bring up is the selling of beer issue in Selangor state. Another PAS asshole timed it perfectly with this by-election. Wasn't he the one who was involved in unity talk with Toyol right after the 12th GE? A non issue now after the initial brainless emotional huha..
However, we know Umno would try every possible dirty tricks to wrestle control over this seat. It's going to be a tough task. If they lose, they will eventually try to create a perception that they have manage to win back the Malay support as in Bukit Gantang and Manek Urai by-elections. I won't take their statistics at face value if I were you.
Some of us would be there at ground zero to update all of you with the ongoing events. Please be patient as we have limited ground force. But we will try our best to bring you the best. For the time being, bookmark zorro's and perisik rakyat's blogs.


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Singam said...

On the Kg Buah Pala situation, the Pakatan Government of Penang cannot be acquitted as blameless.

1. Pakatan leaders are on record stating that they will not allow the village to be destroyed. Should they be let off the hook just because they are Pakatan?

2. Lim Guan Eng was briefed about the land scam immediately upon taking office, yet he failed to stop the transaction. He has not apologised for that.

3. The land & development deals had legal inconsistencies and could have been cancelled or reversed. There is no record of any such attempt.

4. The payment for the land could have been refused pending investigation. This was not done.

Blaming the previous government is convenient. But it appears to me that Guan Eng was under pressure to allow the project to proceed. All the show of trying to address the villagers pleas was merely sandiwara.

Hmm, now whom does that remind me of?

As to the pressure Guan Eng was under, I can think of 3 parties who would put such pressure on him...

1. The owners of the land, the Senior Government Servants, who can totally screw up all his attempts to to rule Penang and turn it into a failed state.

2. The buyers of the Oasis units who, together with their supporters, constitute a large voting population, much more numerous than the Kg Buah Pala residents.

3. That Chambers of Commerce of other such bodies interested in the commercial development of Penang.

True, his is not an enviable position. But his actions prove that he is politician first and anything else only after that.

The DAP have lost the unquestioning loyalty of the Indian community that they enjoyed during GE12. The PAS have screwed up the trust of all non-Muslims.

Where does that leave the PKR?