Tuesday, October 28, 2008

3rd Vigil at the Padang: The Night Three Generations Turned Up...

Again, my heartfelt thanks to Mr Sunny Lim for his generosity in supplying these photographs to my blog for Free. His intention is good. All for a good cause. He even emailed me his Mollywood Blockbuster sequels which I will unleash through this blog at a later date. Stay tune!
Another successful vigil and this time, we have the honour to welcome many friends who took the trouble to travel from their hometowns just to share their love and threw their support behind this weekly candlelight vigil. There was this Michael who took a bus from Singapore solely for this vigil and left the same night on the last bus back to Singapore. Then, there was Paula who have been longing to join us for weeks, organised a family trip down to KL from through the pretense of visiting her son. I hope your husband is not my blog reader. And not forgetting the lady who made it here from Johor. Their presence was inspiring and I salute them for their effort to make this vigil more meaningful.

Some of the new faces

The People's band

The whole clan

Beautiful smiles all around

Partners in crime: The Blogger and The Driver

Rev OC Lim speech

The Oldies in full force


Anonymous said...

Hi Whisperer,
I was keeping track also on the number of weeks in PJ and I have got 3rd instead of 4th Vigil at PJ padang. Did I miss one on the 5th of Oct. Pls enlighten me?


btw, any chance of travelling to Seremban this Friday?
Have a great week, hopefully the market will hold soon, ya?

TheWhisperer said...

Thanks Rakyat for pointing this out. Just testing you people only. HaHa..

Yup, it is confirmed that we will be heading to Seremban this Friday. Lets go make it a Great One for Angela.. her hometown. Dinner on MB of Negeri Sembilan.