Thursday, October 9, 2008

RPK's Sedition Trial: Highlights of The Day...

The crowd was more than usual this morning with many new faces adding to our undying support for RPK. Say or think what you like.. There is something special about this crowd. They are there for one common cause and yeah, they are extremely sentimental about it too. That explains the daily atmosphere around the courthouse. And it is this sentiment that moves many to tears everyday. By all means, it certainly has nothing to do with sympathy here. Those who were present should understand what I mean here. All the gestures (big or small) come purely from the heart.

I must thank Haris for his late blog post which got me bombarded with one question all morning. I have new and diehard supporters coming up to me asking me this: Who is Alice?. Who is Alice?. Luckily, I did logged on to Haris's blog last night so I know what they were talking about. As usual being such an accommodating fool, I went on a mission trying to locate Alice. Read here to know why Alice became one of the highlight of the day.
My mission failed and I still don't have any idea who Alice is. But my mission gave me the chance to meet up with Jacklyn, a housewife who left her toddler at home just to lend her support. Her story was more or less the same as Alice. Guilt feeling. She was there standing alone staring at the courthouse looking lost. With my animal instinct and after scrutinizing her from all angles, I zeroed in on her and friendship was made. True to what I said in my last post, I do not want anyone to feel left out in this crusade.
Nurul Izzah made her appearance with her small entourage today. She took time to mingle with us before she left. Over the past 4 days, we have had Lim Kit Siang, Ronnie Liu (daily basis), Anwar with Wan Azizah, and Teresa Kok gracing this hearing. I don't remember meeting so many parliamentarian at such short span in my entire life. Good change, eh?
Fellow blogger Antares of Magickriver made his way here from Kuala Kubu Baru. Indeed an honour to have him around. The Whisperer? Friend of Paula, he asked. Sharp mind he has there, I said to myself. This is what blogosphere and Raja Petra can bring us... The Sense of Oneness through One Common Cause.
DSP Gan, the investigating officer for Altantuya murder case, took the witness stand today. With Gobind maintaining his form since Day 2 bashed away at the witness with his line of questioning which prompted a sudden loss of memory to the witness who keep repeating that he don't know the details of the Mongolian murder case. The prosecution requested for an amendment to the Sedition charges. The court adjourned the proceeding to 13th Oct which is next Monday. Scoreline in this series: RPK 4 Najib 0.
Another interesting day. Well, at least it is for me.
Need I convince any further? Come Monday, be there and check it out yourself. Many of us will be there.
Allow me to pen my quick take on Pak Lah's decision not to run for party presidency here. I have always maintain that Pak Lah is sincere on his effort to reform but only to be sabotaged by those around him namely his son, son in law and all the Umno warlords. Thus, his failure is his inability to exert his control over these hypocrites with all the power vested in him.
But, if you read in between the lines on his press statement, Najib definitely has a big fight in hand for his plot in bringing down Pak Lah. That's their internal fight and it has nothing to do with us. But it is going to be an explosive drama all the way.
Now that he has agree to an early exit, Pak Lah is under no pressure from all the warlords if he were to push for reforms in ACA, Judiciary and etc.. Again, that's If he is sincere in placing the nation interests above all else.
I tend to look at it positively. Lets us all wait and see as the drama starts to unfold....


Surind Raj said...

Thanks for the good write up. I was going to come after around 2pm or so, when I heard the news. No trial, wont get to see RPK again.

Nevermind, I'll see you Monday morning... for fears that the session will not carry on into the afternoon again.

Thanks, have added ya to my blogroll.


Antares said...

Glad to meet The Whisperer in person, and thanks for the kind mention. Hope to bump into you again, bro :-)

Ellyna said...


Alice was there. Her email address is


Anonymous said...

damn... i missed Antares!

gr8 post, bro...

Lets have a great show of force again come Monday!! 8.00am breakfast at the Mamak Store....

delCapo buys 1st drink for anyone wearing "FREE RPK T-shirt"!!! BE THERE!!!


Tsunami said...

I strongly believed that the drama is about to start rolling and unfold. The unknown will be known. And najib will really have to fight it all out to be the next Pm, "if" he will be.

Malaysian Joe said...

Whisp... thanks for your kind thoughts in my blog... and am glad to see you showing solidarity with the rest on RPK and the nation.

My thoughts on RPK's case is that, this would not even get to go to the courts in other country. But in Malaysia its funny how the spirit of Boleh works....

TheWhisperer said...


I have bookmarked your blog. just don't have the time to add to my list. Will be up there whenever I am free.


This honour is mine. A rookie blogger chance to meet with up a pioneer blogger in this vast blogosphere. Fate must have brought us together. Our path shall cross again. This I can assure you. Remember to leave me your contact number.


Thanks for your Info. Will drop her a line soon.


I know we met and talked but I don't know who is behind this blog.
Come Monday, this mystery shall be known . I ll take that drink off you. All the Great People around there.


I hope you feel better now.

Do find some time to make your present felt. Best time to turn up is maybe around 10:30 to noon. That's during break time. Only then you ll be able to get to see Raja Petra.

No strings attached here. Just try find some time.

Jarod said...

Thanks for the update. I am not able to attend the trial and is great to have updates from you. Keep it up. i for one is also touched by Alice word. Well, Silent no more. I have to make my move.

I really felt great When i first made my move for the Anti-ISA march last sept. Indeed pleasure to see so many people at that time. Indeed proud to be a Malaysian. Minus our ruling government.

Antares said...

Ha ha, me no pioneer in blogging, my dear Whisperer. I stumbled into the blogosphere almost by pure accident on 1st Dec 2006 - long after people like Raja Petra, Susan Loone, Jeff Ooi & Patrick Teoh. But I must say my timing was perfect because it was right after the sensational news of Altantuya erupted that bloggers started focusing on local politics in earnest - and I daresay we helped create the "political tsunami" of 8th March 2008. Thanks very much for your generous spirit! :-)

TheWhisperer said...


Wrong choice of words usage. I should used Guru instead. ;)

I meant good nevertheless.