Wednesday, October 29, 2008

PKNS Saga: Outrageous and Stupid!!

Six staff bodies of state agency Selangor Development Corporation (PKNS) have objected to the appointment of a senior official as acting general manager on grounds that she is Chinese.
Their Reasons:
“PKNS was established for Malays and to fulfill the Malay agenda. Because of this, the organisation needs to be led by a Malay.”
Corporation Brief History and Objectives:

Chinese Low Siew Moi's Credential:

Low, 57, a trained accountant, has served PKNS for 35 years with her last post being deputy GM for corporate development.

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Why are these bastards kicking up a fuss for? Just by looking at the candidate's credential, she is the one truly qualify for a measly General Manager post. She would have been someone if she was to be in the private sector. And these bastards think that just by professing on bumiputra status, they are going to take this merit away from her.

Another politically motivated racist manoeuvre... No? Then explain to me why are there banners put up all over Selangor by Umno objecting to this move by MB Khalid?

MB Khalid, you have made the right move by taking the first step towards meritrocracy. Don't allow yourself to be cowed by useless goons like them. Stand Firm on this decision. Rid of these diseases if you must. Remember you are still the Boss.

We are watching you closely on this matter.

51 years of Umno's creation

pic pinched from zorro's blog

Umnoputra with Head and Brain buried in their Ass!


Anonymous said...

Dear MB,
In the interest of safeguarding the good name of Islam which emphasizes meritocracy, please let the appointment stay. Lest we Muslims be viewed as special people always in need of help!Allahuakabr!

Jarod said...

Umno still stick with their stuuupid mentality.

more over, the state is now under pakatan, why are the UMNO bising bising over here..!

HopefulPessimist said...

I am all for meritocracy.

What are these people thinking?!

de minimis said...

Hi Whisperer

I've left a comment at masterwordsmith's blog post on the PKNS issue that you may wish to read at some point. I believe that you may agree with the points raised. I share your indignance, bro. But, the real business of exposing abuse of power and corruption will be the greatest answer that MB Khalid and the Selangor Pakatan government can give to the naysayers of the GM appointment.

Malaysian Joe said...

There are people who would rather sink than to fly.

While Umno is the stupid... PAS is trying their level best to emulate the stupidity.

Anonymous said...

This episode proves that we have a lot of racist bumis in pkns who only care for their own kind and they dont gives a shit about 'other' Malaysians.

After 51 yrs of BN/Umno divide and rule and brainwashing, we have a new breed of racist bumis created through plutocracy, nepotism, oligarchy and cronyism.

These katak bawah tempurung dosent realised that its a globalize world now and yet suppress and sidelines the non bumi. Havent they heard of meritocracy?

Other nations in South East Asian are ahead of us now and in no time we will be exporting bumis men to work in construction in Indonesia and bumis women exported to Philippines to work as maids. hahahaha...

u tak suka u boleh keluar dari malaysia can always go back to China and India... but where are the orang asli = real bumiputra going to?