Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shaik Rizal Sulaiman: Welcome Back!

On August 6th, I stumbled across this 'Malay rights- A mystical myth' letter by Shaik Rizal Sulaiman. The content of this letter spoke so much truth which prompted me to post it in my blog to create more awareness and at the same time, saluting Encik Shaik Rizal for his well meaningful letter.
And today, his name caught my attention again. Another letter, he wrote...

My letter Malay rights – a mystical myth? had been ‘borrowed’ by many blogs which posted it on their own site as an interesting topic for sharing. I am touched that my letter-writing debut has been well-received with many positive comments although I have seen some negative comments posted too.

Well, I would like to think that even I should allow such democracy! As happy as I am about this writing debut, it also worries me that some quarters are using it to prove their own unheard point. And considering that a Malay man wrote this article, it became a much talked about piece.

This is why I feel the need to write this second letter because I may have been misunderstood in some ways in the earlier one. Perhaps my point was not very clear. Perhaps my sarcasm was out of context and perhaps I was not compassionate enough. Read all here...

Encik Shaik Rizal, you are not alone. I can assure you that there are indeed many anak anak bangsa Malaysia out here sharing your sentiment but only to be silenced by fear of a political onslaught.

Nevertheless, it is heartening to acknowledge that we still have noble people like you who are willing to take a step forward and voiced out the truth of what is actually transpiring behind the Malay rights policies and the decaying effects that come with it. And this alone, keeps the hope of a better Malaysia, alive.
Please allow me to express my sincere gratitude for your selfless role in expressing your noble view openly despite the fact that such a move may subject you to open criticism by certain quarters. But very often, you may find such criticism comes from quarters with selfish agendas of their own. Thus, making it baseless.
Welcome back and thank you.


ctchoo said...

I second the motion.

Crankster said...

A good letter, thanks for bringing it to attention.

By the way, your link is faulty, mate.

TheWhisperer said...


Oops.. sorry and thanks for pointing it out..

So do I get to see you at the vigil this Sunday?

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Whisperer for sharing Shaik Rizal Sulaimans's letter.
By far, this is the best yet.

Does Shaik has a blogsite?
How can I learn more about him
and his write up?

Thanks and good nite

Crankster said...

Yes, I'll be there, whisperer. :)