Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Anwar and wife graced RPK sedition trial...

The sedition trial continues into the 3rd day. Could not get into the courtroom as I ran abit late today. Like Haris, I needed the sleep after staying up late into the morning to monitor the financial disaster that has been engulfing the world for the past few days and waking up early to throw my support behind RPK just by being present there. All of these stopped last night. After gobbling down a few shots of whisky, I went into deep slumber.
As the courtroom can take in around 30 person, many of us were left stranded outside. If any of you think that all the actions were confine inside the courtroom, then you may have get the wrong perception. In the first place, many who came in support of RPK come with good heart. Friendships are make without any effort. Bloggers, blog readers, blog commenter, reporters (local and foreign), professionals and businessman alike, they all mingle around freely without borders. Many of us who have been there since the first day flashes our best smile upon seeing some new faces despite the heat. Yeah, the best part is that we do get periodic updates from inside the courtroom when some of them need to make nature call or get a nicotine fix. Lets not forget Rody's nasi lemak today. Yesterday's menu was sandwiches. What's for tomorrow? Rody, I hope you are reading this... How about some nice cold beers tomorrow, eh?
The court adjourned at noon and will continue tomorrow morning. I heard Gobind was throwing his tantrums inside the courtroom scaring the shit out of the witness and prosecutors. It has something to do with what the witness(cop) said. The police has the power to raid and search any house without a warrant. What crap is this! Mocking the judiciary or indirectly telling us this country is effectively a police state. That seems to be the statement.
Nevertheless, RPK and team is gaining advantage as the hearing proceed. The prosecution is trying to build up this case on very weak basis. It makes it look as if the sedition charge was planted there to buy time for someone with political interest. Why the delay? Why not just go straight to that article 'Lets send Altantuya's murderer to Hell' and slug it out on whether it is seditious in nature or not? Perhaps, they should go back and study this Sedition Act carefully.
To those who have not make it there, please don't miss this opportunity to meet up with many great people there. Proceeding starts at 9:00am tomorrow. Do not despair if you don't get a seat. Join us outside. We, The People, definitely knows How to Rock!!


Anonymous said...

hey there whisperer,

would love to sneak in some beers or better still a couple of chilled bottles of wine but I'ld rather we wait till rpk is freed then we can have a proper party...that's a promise! r x

TheWhisperer said...


Thanks for your promise.

I have prepared myself for the celebration when RPK is release. Bottles of good whisky.

The beers is for cooling down. Getting hot lately.


Be there Monday!!