Friday, October 3, 2008

Scandal Behind Portfolio Change: It's All About Money...

With our renowned Raja Petra in detention, came another blog to the people rescue- to continue with the legacy of Malaysia-Today. The legacy of exposing the truth behind every moves taken by the people walking the corridor of power.
Two tales appeared in the span of 3 days:

The Defense Ministry is currently undergoing negotiations with Eurocopter Malaysia Sdn Bhd for its RMAF’s Nuri replacement programme. Defense Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said that the Ministry had already sent Eurocopter a Letter of Intent (LOI). Asked why Eurocopter was selected, Abdullah said that the Ministry would have “considered all the necessary specifications in the helicopters” before making a decision, but declined to elaborate. Read more here.


I was told that Najib’s wife has met Bala in the British Isle few days after the private eye went missing and paid Bala RM5 Million. I was told that Bala and family are seeking the Indian citizenships. I truly hope this is not true and Rosmah will make a statement to deny this. At the same time, I hope the good Malaysians in certain places can check on the validity of the timing to ensure that Rosmah was actually somewhere in the British Isle during the few days after the disappearance of Mr. Bala. Read more here.

Yeah, the plot thickens. Now we are able to piece this jigsaw together and get a clearer picture of the real reason behind these moves. "We are in it together, so together we stand and together we fleece the country and the people. Just share some of the money with those who helped carry out our dirty job".

If all these are true, This is How Rotten Our Country is Now.

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