Monday, October 6, 2008

The Whisperer taking few days off blogging in support of RPK...

Din Merican with Free Tshirt Man (3rd from left). My apology for
taking your tshirt without getting to know you.

Crankshafted- The Bad Ass C that was never be...
Glad that you came and my honour meeting you

Yours Truly with my new found Malaysian brothers and sister.
Sorry I can't remember your names except for Clair's..
Nevertheless, we came together as One today.

First and foremost, I must Salute Haris for his effort to bring all of Us together and to those other bloggers, Zorro, Delcapo, Queenie, Lulu, RWinds and many others who played their part and made this possible. My Salute to all of you for all your undying dedications towards This Fight... This Fight Has to Go On!!
I arrived at the courthouse at 7:11 am sharp with no one in sight. I thought I was at the wrong place as there is another one just down the road. Maybe I was kiasu for not wanting to miss out the chance of catching a glimpse of RPK... but the Truth was that I just wanted to avoid our infamous jam. I decided to loiter around for awhile until my buddy (KL Chua) finally made his way here. You see, he was actually on a self-imposed half day hartal (big sacrifice for people of his nature). We went for breakfast and by the time we got back, there was a crowd of about 40 people gathering outside the courthouse.
At about 8:30 am Raja Petra arrived in a heavily tinted van. There he was, looking frail in handcuffs with a white plastic bag of personal belongings hanging from his arm. My heart ached... amidst the sudden numbness that took over my whole body. When can we, as citizen of this beautiful multi racial country, enjoy the Freedom of Expressing the Truth without being subjected to Fear and Intimidation? It was a Sad and Hurtful Day for The People today. My story stopped here...
For further details, please log on to
People's Parliament or Delcapo or Zorro's for better account of today's event.
Haris, thanks for your pics.

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