Friday, October 17, 2008

Botak, Just Keep Your Stinking Mouth Shut!

A police beat base located in the Chow Kit area of downtown Kuala Lumpur has been shut down because the “presence of criminals could make it unsafe” for police officers.
Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said the beat base was located in a dirty area where police faced the possibility of being exposed to contagious diseases.
The presence of criminals also posed a threat to the safety of police officers.
He said this in a written reply to Dr Lo’ Lo’ Mohamad Ghazali (PAS - Titiwangsa).
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Another dose from our Home Minister. When is this moron going to stop bombarding us with his blatant stupidity?
Imagine this - The presence of criminals posed a threat to the safety of police officers, he said. So, what are our cops for? Shy away from the criminals or work hand in hand with them? Might as well put all of them on desk duty. No wonder criminals are getting bolder and crime rates are on the rise. Forget about their statistics. What a damn joke! No wonder this country is getting the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Thanks to jerks like him.
If the area is dirty, why not contact our efficient Datuk Bandar or Alam Flora? Take them to task for not doing their job. From the same gang so cannot interfere, is it? So, it is okay to insult all the citizens with this stupid explanation!! Moron!!
We Malaysians, again are being victimized.


Anonymous said...

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peng said...

Sigh! Only in Malaysia, we can have one so incompetent as a minister. Can you imagine what spewed out of his mouth (to his foreign counterparts) when he was foreign minister? I 'malu' even to think!