Friday, October 17, 2008

Candlelight Special This Sunday: Let Your Love Flow..

Candle-light Vigil in PJ every Sunday 8pm…
With special perfomances, music & poetry… & A WHOLE LOTTA LOVE!!!
Venue: Padang in front of Amcorp Mall, next to A&W Restaurant, Petaling Jaya!
Come Be Part of The Big Family..
"Last night was the first time that I participated in a candlelight vigil. I found out that there would be a meeting at Padang Timur in front of Amcorp Mall. At first, I browsed through this type of news, without a second thought, as I usually do. This time, I don’t know why, I was compelled to show my face there. Who cares if no one knows me? Why worry if I might feel out of place? Therefore, with a bit of nudging (read begging) from me, my son consented to drive me. I finally managed to rope in another person and we were three! Great, we would be a group and not feel so out of place. " - Steest: first time participant
"We lit our candles, formed our 'NO 2 ISA' inscription (using candles on the ground), made jokes, took photos. Really had fun. Those of you who didn't turn up, you don't know what you've missed." - Crankshaft: Engineer's take
"Nothing can be compare with this moment of joy to know that he is there with the people. Old yet furious with words that most of the MP feared to face. I will have sleepless night thinking about this. :)The usual face is there to lend their support. Not only that, I also saw some unexpected faces. I also asked one of my politic kaki to join the previous vigil and failed all the time. Tonight, he came and I am proud!
"Not only that, I dragged along my parents. They have the same mind set of mine, which is to abolish the ISA for a better Malaysia. But the old conservative mind need some time to change. They were lamenting that the government will just ignore what we have done tonight. I chose to believed that we have pressed on the pressure button for the government to act appropriately. I am proud of my parents." - Jarod's recollection
Want more? You decide. Admission is Free.


steest said...

Hey there! So nice of you to mention me! I got back from Singapore and went straight to Amcorp Mall. As my son had a later engagement, we only stayed an hour. Didn't get a chance to meet you. Perhaps next week okay. But you'll have to find me, for obvious reasons!

Tonight was really nice, we had another person with us. I think she enjoyed being there too!


steest said...

By the way, can you help me put the candle on my blog! Still so new to the blogging thing! Thanks.

TheWhisperer said...

Nice of you to be there. I was caught up with commitment and only could be there after 9pm and it was washed out by heavy rain.

As for the burning candle, just right click the candle and save it onto My Picture. Then go to dashboard, click Layout and do the necessary.

Let me know if you still have problem getting it up on your blog.

See you Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Whisperer, No wonder I couldn't see you tonight. The event just ended shortly after 9pm. It was wonderful. ppl are responding to your suggestion. We had two guitarist and the songs we sang, you'd love it too. Anyway, have fun. see ya next week. Same time Same place,

steest said...

hmmmm, I guess I'm not as clever as I thought I am! Couldn't do it. No worries, no hurry. I'm here to stay so I'll get around to figuring it soon!

I left at 9.00 pm as my son had a date and he wanted to send me home.

But it was nice and we saw Fr. O. C. Lim of St Francis Xavier Church. I bet he was as surprised to see us as we him. Well, we shouldn't have as he's always advocating the abolishment of the I.S.A.

TheWhisperer said...

Please do drop by whenever you see me online at my chatterbox. I would be glad to take you through step by step.

Fr O. C. Lim was there during the first vigil. I bet he ll be there this Sunday too.

I would definitely be there early.

Jarod said...

Thanks for mentioning . Appreciate it.