Monday, October 27, 2008

The Door to Depression swings open...

Another Black Monday in Asia market. Hang Seng got hammered down by 12.70% to close slightly above the 11,000 level while Nikkei continue to slide to close at 7162 points, down 486 points (6.36%). European markets all opened down between 4 to 6% with Dow and S&P 500 futures in negative 4% territory.
Metals and commodities continue to tumble. Even Gold was not spared.
So, what do all these tell us?
The concerted effort to address this crisis has failed miserably. All financial markets indicators fall further into uncharted territory. The bottom remains a mystery. Signs are very much similar to those 1929 era except this time, this is going to be of a much greater destruction.
Is there any way out?
Beyond help!!
Everything have to fall further to fill up the vast vacuum which was left behind by the subprime's bubble and the domino effect that came with it. Just like what we are facing now globally. Further destruction of wealth. Further deflation of values. In other words, we need to get our feet back on the ground again after decade long of value inflation and wealth creation. Human kind have to face the the wrath of their intelligence and their weakness to greed and temptation. And when that happen, we will all be equal again. The poor cant go any worse while the rich would have to make big adjustment to their lifestyle.
There is nothing the world leaders could do now except to slowdown the impact of this destructive force. Do not depend on them. Start doing adjustment yourself. Whatever it is, take it in your stride. Do not take it too hard on yourself. Life does goes on.. Any northbound market is to be view as temporary. This one definitely takes time. Time to bottom out.. Time to consolidate and lick wounds. A lengthy process indeed. There will be trading opportunities. Timing is crucial. Remember Trade.. not Hold! Not a time for long term hold.


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear!

Antares said...

What's happening in the illusory world of artificial money is hardly surprising, Duke. Those with the sight saw it coming at least 30 years ago. What surprised us was how easily "the sheeple" have been manipulated by the international banksters' "economic experts" and political carpetbaggers. Guess they have been "dumbed down" for so many generations by the invisible priesthood that controls the flow of information and spins public opinion through professional punditry.

Time to quit getting misled by your left brain, folks. Activate your right brain and reconnect both brains to your heart! :-)

TheWhisperer said...


Situation is so bad now that there is a desperate need for major drastic concerted actions by global communities leaders to try to seal up this door to Depression.

Anything lesser would be like throwing little debris in attempt to block up this door. They would be sucked in with ease.

China would be a great help here but I believe they would wait for the right time to intervene. As it is now, everything is still on the high side.

Just how i see it..