Saturday, May 23, 2009

Barisan Rakyat Bloggers Reporting From Penanti..

Good Morning, Malaysia, Good Morning, Readers!
A beautiful morning, indeed. Looks like it is going to be another hot day. Hot in the sense that there is this nomination coming in a few hours time.And this is exactly where we will be heading. And this is exactly the purpose of us being here- be with the heat and sharing with you the atmosphere of what that is about to happen. So stay tune..
This time, we would be sending in a light strike force on a adhoc basis since BN has chickened out from contesting in this election. But that is not the only reason why we are sending in a light strike force. Many of us have opt out from covering this nomination mainly due to time and financial constraint. However, we will try to do our utmost best to keep all of you updated whenever we can. Please do bear with us for the inconvenience caused.
We, Uncle Zorro, Delcapo, Mila, Ikaru and yours truly, left KL after work and reached our hotel about 10 minutes past 11:00pm. Viveg, our counterpart from Bukit Mertajam, was there to greet us. We were treated to some booze and good food before we adjourned to bed.
For further update for today's coming event, do try log on to zorro's blog or delcapo's.

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