Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why Bark Up The Wrong Tree? The Whisperer Ponders On...

The Whisperer wonders why so much priority have been given to MB versus MB case...
In the first place, The Whisperer believes that the status of Sivakumar as The Speaker should be and shall be the determining factor of the outcome of this whole crisis.
If Sivakumar was still effective The Speaker at the start of the crisis,

1) His submission of the three resignation letters of the frogs to Election Commission should not be rejected by EC as EC does not have that jurisdiction to challenge it in the first place. The respond by EC toward The Speaker clearly confirmed that Sivakumar was still effectively The Speaker at that point of time.

2) Subsequently, he suspended Zambry and six others assemblymen within the power of the speaker vested in him and this ruling cannot be overturn or challenge by any court of law according to the constitution. Any ruling made by any court of law is then deemed unconstitutional and is therefore not recognizable by the Perak state assembly.

Therefore, Sivakumar is still the legitimate Speaker and his rulings are still legitimate. The May 7th assembly sitting can then be deemed null and void.
Why then are they arguing now on majority and who is the legitimate MB? What majority when according to The Speaker, the three frogs have already resigned and the other comtempted assemblymen have been suspended? The Speaker did not break any law or constitution but merely exercising his right of power vested in him by the constitution. Lets not talk about the opposing party's actions...
The Whisperer felt that all those court sagas are just a waste of time. It is like barking up the wrong tree for the sake of spinning things to their advantage at the same time forsaking the law and constitution.
Majority, my foot!! Stop making fools of yourselves and call for an election.

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