Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Pakatan Rakyat Carnival At Penanti Nomination Centre...(Updated)

It was one sided all the way to the nomination centre without the participation of BN. That makes the atmosphere more or less like a Pakatan Rakyat carnival do. Stalls were set up on both sides of the closed road leading to the nomination centre. Business was a bit slow as only about 3500-4000 Pakatan Rakyat supporters moved into Penanti to throw their support behind Mansor.

Probably, Pakatan Rakyat felt that there is no point in mobilizing their supporters from all over the country since BN has decided to stay out from this by-election. However, The Whisperer feels that with or without BN's participation, this by-election should be treated as The People's Protest Voice against the administration's abuse of power through judiciary in resolving the Perak crisis. Yet again, further disgracing the country's image to the world.

The PR Supporters Separated By The Cops

I will make this post short as we are required to check out from our hotel by 1:00pm. Meanwhile, try log on to DelCapo picture link for today's shoot and some on-hand report from AnilNetto's blog.

I shall upload my pictures as soon as I get the opportunity to do so.

My apology to all..

But to the Penantians, you can do us a favor by voting for Pakatan Rakyat to register our United Voice in protest against blatant abuse of power, namely, the police force and the kangaroo court of appeal, by those walking the corridors of power.

The Supporters Came Carrying Their Message

Bloggers At Work

Cops At Work?

Do These People Look Thuggish At All? If There Is One, Then Very Likely That One Is A SB

Nizar Arriving To Thunderous Applause And Cheers

A Fitting Resemblance To The State Of BeEnd

Pakatan Rakyat Generasi Baru Making Their Presence Felt (Pics Courtesy Of Topeng Perak)


sunwayopal said...

if I was Pakatan, I will find ways to keep the fires burning.

Use this slogan:-

"Perak, the day Barisan raped democracy"

Continue reminding people that Barisan Najis is a party that has no regard for laws that uses PDRM and the judiciary as their bitches to do as they please.

In short use Perak as the main tool in PRU 13.

To do this, they cant let the matter rest.

That would be so silly of them!!!

Anonymous said...

PR supporters, it's high time to take some drastic actions :

BOIKOT & boikot maybank, protons, aeon, bursa ....etc !!