Friday, May 15, 2009

Perak Fiasco: Talk? What Talk? On What Grounds??

PM Najib said that he is open to talks with 'opposition' to resolve the Perak fiasco but the 'opposition' must honor certain conditions before any talks could proceed. Read more here..
The Whisperer shakes his head in disbelief reading statement like this coming from the PM's mouth.
In the first place, Najib started the whole episode through breaking the laws and prostituting the constitution through the intimidation by his police dogs and the discriminatory abuse of the judiciary by his judicial kangaroos.
And now, our aspiring 'People's PM' wannabe has the cheek to set conditions for talks and kick the ball back to The Sultan's court for the dissolution of the assembly. Yeah.. blame The Sultan and get away with 'durhaka'.
This is what I call 'kurang ajar' or 'lacking guidance' or rather misguided attitude.
If Najib is sincere in talks, all these wouldn't have happened in the first place. But our PM chose to disgrace the country, wasting taxpayer's money and time, and jeopardizing the country's economy.
A price to pay so dearly for his arrogance and still, it is a tad too late for talks now. The People are not stupid and 'mudah lupa' anymore. Every corner I go, I can hear people commenting on Perak fiasco. From old to young.. from the malays, chinese, Indians and all other races.. All of them shared one common consensus... 'Dissolve the assembly and call for election. Why is it so difficult to make the right decision?' I am sure all the Special Branch personnel that they planted around would have gave the same feedback.

“I want to be the people’s Prime Minister. I am with the people and I will always be with them" So sweet of him!!
The People's Prime Minister? Bah Humbug!!
Here are some of his quotes:

“Barisan is not afraid to face fresh elections. We know we have to face the rakyat and we will face the rakyat when the time comes.” Why then create the mess in the first place?"

"Only the Sultan of Perak had the jurisdiction to call for a state election". That's right and why didn't he?

The Whisperer says: No More Wasting Time Talking. Talk Is Cheap Especially When It Comes From A Forked Tongue. Just Call For A Fresh Election. Let The People Decide Once And For All!!

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