Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What A Freaking Joke! Stay Order Given In Just A Few Hours..

Palace For Kangaroos
That's right.. That's how efficient our kangaroo Federal Court is. Efficient dependent on which side you are from and at the wimps and fancies of their political masters.
To make matter worst, the application was heard by a lone judge, Ramly Mohd Ali, instead of a panel of three judges. I do not really want to comment much on this. The presence of AG Pigtail and his chamber's cahoots were there for a reason. Why are they taking such great interest toward this case? Keeping an eye over their trained kangaroo?
Did anybody check on the background of this judge? We do not want to see a repeat of the recent case where we got a JC to hear a constitutional case:p
Most importantly, we must be able to see what are the implications behind their continuous abusive actions. We are the Law and we are above the Law, perhaps?
It makes me wanna puke just looking at their arrogance in steamrolling their way through their attempt to wrest control over the Perak state. Imagine the same group of rotten people that are going to rule Perak state. Perakian has indeed being shortchanged this time. From a CAT government to a AAA government.


K L said...

The super efficient court of appeal must be from foreign country or outer space, no way can it be from Bolehland lah !

Anonymous said...

Khakk ptuuuui!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hop hop hop

plentiful in land of down under.


Anonymous said...

Er.. actually it was the Court of Appeal which granted the stay..

Anonymous said...

go read jeff ooi blog on the expose of ramly burger.

it now taste horrible.