Friday, May 8, 2009

Lawless And Constitutionless Black Malaysia...

It was a Black Day.
We need not wear black to blacken the country. The manner the BN government rule is enough to black out this country. And the entire Perak fiasco is a true reflection of what this blxxdy administration is all about. Lawless and Constitution-less from the beginning till the end. It is also a reflection of the thuggery nature of our police force. And if we really look into BN and their machinery structure, it is so much like The Mafia organisation and the police force is liken to the mafia henchmen.

I started my drive to Ipoh at around 3am with Zorro and Haris in tow despite 8 days of sleep deprived nights. We were in high spirit. Obviously, looking forward to make our stand as a citizen of this beloved country. Beloved as it is and without implication to those minority who walk the corridor of power. This country would be even more beautiful without them.

Anyway, our purpose is to prevent Perak state from falling into the wrong hands as we believe that the Perak takeover was totally wrong in the eyes of law and constitution. It is not an easy task to go against someone who have all the power and machinery at his disposal. What we did was to apply some pressure to bring out their worst. And that, we did with continuous success! Endless blatant abuse of power and machinery without regard to the law and constitution. If this is not enough to wake up the people, I wonder what else can. I really wonder...

We did find our way to within 15 metres from the State Secretariat. Thanks to the stench of Special Branch personnel which we are quite familiar with by now. We were outnumbered by the Special Branch personnel alone. So forget about FRU and all those other battalion that came in different uniforms. But they were there ready to strike and intimidate. And they did struck at half hour interval. Taking in some each time as if they have a quota to meet. Even an 80 over year old man curious onlooker was not spared. It was pretty obvious to us that this old man stays at the residential area nearby and was doing his morning walk till his curiousity brought him close. The SBs must be blind to target him.

And as for our Grand Old Man, Zorro, he has certainly earned his stripe this time. As he was escorted in, he was walking with pride and dignity. For that bravery, we are going to throw him an award ceremony tonight.
All in all, it wasn't a bad outing. They succeeded in snatching away the state but not without a price... A Price too High for Defying the Wishes of The People. We shall see who will get the last laugh.

See some good pics captured by Sis Mila here at Delcapo's and Bro Nanda's.


Voice of the Oppressed, Suppressed said...

No, they snatched nothing but thin air. Yet,will have to pay a heavy price, beginning with Penanti.

Anonymous said...

If the sky have eyes, there will be a day of retribution.

Anonymous said...

have they succeded?

no, its still a hung assembly. come next sitting, there will be 2 MBs and 2 speakers.

hell will break loose again. the thugs will be called upon to show their obnoxious behaviour for all and sundry to see.

thsi will continue until the next election. and who will be the biggest loser. You aint get nothing for guessing right. Its a gift question, hello.

I love it when the handicapped, both physical and mental, was caught lying red handed about the pepper spray incident. Aint no surprise that she lied for a TRAITOR.

Now, I wonder Vincent Tan will be dragged into it big time if RPK mobolises the boycott.

Interesting times ahead.

~♥ UmmiAnni ♥~ said...

UBN menjahanamkan demokrasi..