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Of Najib's 1Malaysia, NEP Abolishment And Police State...

Najib Vows One Malaysia, People First, Performance Now

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak urged the nation on Friday night to embark on a "great journey together" to transform the country, promising them that his administration would place priority on performance and the people.

In his maiden speech aired over national television, he told Malaysians that his administration would strive to live up to the slogan "One Malaysia. People First. Performance Now."

Najib, who was sworn-in as the new prime minister early Friday, said that the government would adopt "new approaches for new times -- a government that places a priority on performance, because the people must come first."

His words were laced with certainty as he pledged that none would be left out in the country's pursuit for progress.

"We must reach out to all parts of Malaysia... to all our diverse communities. In our national discourse and in pursuing our national agenda, we must never leave anyone behind," he said.

"We must reach out to the many who may have been disaffected and left confused by political games, deceit and showmanship," he added.

Malaysians tuned in to listen to his prime time address while others logged on to his blog at "" where his text of the speech was promptly uploaded.

He said that in the coming weeks, he would be consulting with people around the country "as I begin to reshape the leadership and priorities of the government."

"I am mindful," he said, "that we should build on the successes and lessons of the past."

He also spoke of his growing up years and said that he was inspired by the positive impact of public service "in the example of my late father (Tun Razak Hussein)" Read more

Najib: Abolish NEP
Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak was on a charm offensive, touching on his plan to dismantle the National Economic Policy (NEP), a sore contention point in Malaysia's race-relations.
In an interview with Singapore's Straits Times, Najib (right) said that the ethnic quotas had damaged Malaysia's competitiveness and ran counter to global trends.

He added that the long-term benefits of ending the scheme would outweigh the "pain".

Launched in 1970, the NEP has remained one of the most divisive aspects of Malaysia's multi-ethnic society. The affirmative action programme uniquely favours the Malay majority over the Chinese and Indian minorities.

Among the benefits, the NEP allows Malays to buy homes at a discount, privileged access to scholarships and higher education and employment in certain sectors. Read more


1Malaysia won’t undermine Malay interests – Rais
The 1Malaysia concept introduced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will not undermine the interests of the Malays and the position of Bahasa Malaysia as the national language, Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said today.
He said there was no reason for the people to be confused about or reject the concept.
“The concept does not contain anything which can lead to undesirable matters; it emphasises unity, it promotes harmony, it encourages productivity,” he told reporters after a post-Cabinet meeting at the Negeri Sembilan Broadcasting Complex in Jalan Sungai Gadut here.
The question of the concept was raised because some Malays were confused over the “Malaysian Malaysia” concept advocated by the DAP at one time. They saw the 1Malaysia concept of Najib as the first step towards providing for equal rights among all the communities with the objective of winning back the support of the Chinese and Indians.
Dr Rais said the concept did not change the special privileges of the Malays in Article 153 of the constitution or alter the position of the Malay language in Article 152.
“It only brings about a continuation of the values of the nation’s struggles. Now, it is up to us whether to contribute to its success or avoid involvement,” he said.
On another matter, Dr Rais asked the people to be patient for another month or so to see changes by his ministry with regard to radio and television programmes or films.
The programmes to be broadcast from now on would contribute to development of the nation-state but would have commercial value and be interesting to follow, he said.This was being undertaken after the ministry had set up a special panel to adapt imported television programmes or films for the country, he said, and invited the private sector to join the panel.
16 arrested at Teratai candlelight vigil

Sixteen people, including Teratai state assemblyperson Jenice Lee, were arrested by the police just outside her service centre at about 8.45pm tonight for allegedly holding an illegal assembly.
Those arrested have been taken to the Pandan Indah police station. It looks quite certain that they will be held overnight.They were arrested after a lightning short police warning for them to disperse. Read more here..
Wong Chin Huat arrested for calling for a wear black day on May 7th-more arrests may come!
Wong Chin Huat who worked with BERSIH to call for a wear black day on May 7th to protest the undemocratic seizing of power in Perak by BN was arrested yesterday under Sedition Act. But his idea to protest the day cannot be arrested. If anything it give another reason to wear black tomorrow: to protest Wong’s arrest! Wong is reported to be possible for release today. Watch out for latest development here.
Meanwhile Mat Sabu of PAS was also arrested for planning a mass prayer for the same Perak issue.
Another 5, including PKR’s Cikgu Bard were reportedly arrested in Putrajaya for trying to send a birthday cake with Altantuya’s name to the PM.
Using 7 arrests so far to silence critics ahead of the May 7th State Assembly seating in Perak, has tarnished new PM Najib’s proclaimed liberalisation of the media. `1 Malaysia’ shows its Big Bro connotation quick!
Meanwhile the criticisms against the May 7th crack down has grown-with Penang’s CM calling Penangites to wear black tomorrow; DAPSY called upon public to do a sit in in front of Perak State Assembly tomorrow. over 30 NGOs condemned the arrests and called for Wong and others’ release.
The Silver State loses its shine
The Malaysian Bar
In the end, on Thursday, May 7th 2009; all hell broke loose. Perak State Assembly was chaotic, people were arrested here and there & 5 lawyers were also arrested when they wanted to see their clients etc.
Now, I am not a Pakatan member, and so I am not a mouthpiece for Pakatan. My views are formed after reading the newspapers, blogs and also talking to MPs from both side of the fence. So, as a Rakyat, a Voter, and an Anak Malaysia; this is my personal opinion:-
1. Karpal Singh was surrounded by UMNO Youth members in Parliament a few months ago. These UMNO youth chaps acted aggressively and threateningly. Yet when this issue was raised in Parliament, the Speaker had concluded that Parliament was quasi-autonomous and therefore Police could not get involved in UMNO Youth’s siege of Karpal in Parliament House.
But on Thursday, 7th May 2009, the Police had stormed into Perak State Assembly to remove Speaker Sivakumar out of the Hall. Police actually pulled and dragged Sivakumar out of his seat. No autonomy at Perak State Assembly, I guess.
2. BN mocks Anwar about Party Hopping to justify what it did in Perak, but yet Pakatan did not carry out the party-hop plan, and instead BN not only planned (and carried out) the party hop but also used brute force tactics to take over the Assembly Hall on the 7th May.
BN has shown Malaysia that it seems capable of doing anything, including using force to seize power. That message is clear to all Malaysians, particularly those who have seen the videos of Sivakumar’s eviction from his seat. It will remain etched in the minds of the people.
3. The Police Force has lost its aura of independence a long of time ago. People now mock the police for its corrupt practice and unfair treatment of people, and what happened on Thursday night at Brickfields Police Station with the arrest of 5 lawyers from the Kuala Lumpur Legal Aid Centre (who merely wanted to see 14 people arrested for a candle vigil) illustrates that.
When Police arrests lawyers during the performance of their duties, you know something is not right. The right of an arrested person to see their lawyer is fundamental in a civilised society and could it be that last Thursday’s incidents is an indication that our country has become a jungle where the rule of law doesn’t apply. I hope not.
Najib’s Latest Strategy: Perception War
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Najib realises the value of a good team of public relations wizards. So he too has his own ‘Fourth Floor’. But he is not using a bunch of young wet-behind-the-ears Oxbridge graduates the way Pak Lah did. Najib knows that Mahathir would never accept this, as his suspicion for such young punks has not diminished. Najib, just like Mahathir before that, has outsourced the services of a team of experts. And they have come up with a great plan on how to ensure that Umno not only wins the next general election, but wins back all the states it has lost plus its two-thirds majority in parliament as well.
Najib’s plan is a multi-prong. First he has to give the impression that he is bringing reforms to Malaysia. The New Economic Policy will be reviewed. Some liberalisation and relaxation of the rules will be introduced. Even the FIC may be closed down to give more confidence to investors and the Chinese business population that the government is really serious about abolishing the many rules and regulations that favour the Bumiputeras.
There will be a lot of window-dressing and some will be made to appear as more than just window-dressing. But what is going to be the thrust of the strategy will be the battle on the political front. Read more here..
Perception and Deception. Confusion, distraction, spinning, smokescreens and all Everything appears to be in total chaos. Either Najib is not in total control of his position which brought about all these confusion. Appearing like the head is losing control of all the limbs. Or is it deliberately done to confuse the people while they are up to no good?
Only time can tell.


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