Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hee: A Blatant Liar!

Picture Don't Lie
In a press conference, Hee denies using a pepper spray at the state assembly.

See It For Yourself

She can continue denying taking money for her frog leap. But after her blatant lying during a press conference with regard to the pepper spray incident, who would believe a word she said. She is just another low cast, non-principled and non-conscientious living thing. This is her.. her pure and unadulterated truest self.
Pakatan Rakyat state government said she resigned together the other two frogs but BN government insisted in keeping them through the Election Commission which in the first place do not have any jurisdiction to decide except taking orders.
The Whisperer thinks that BN is just a party for the cowards and immoral people.

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