Monday, May 18, 2009

Did R.S. Thanenthiran Prostituted Himself To BN?

The former national co-ordinator of the Hindraf and Makkal Sakthi movement, R.S. Thanenthiran, has formed a new Indian-based political party in an already-crowded Malaysian Indian political scene, saying the community needs a new political vehicle to give voice to its aspirations.
Oh, the above news is not the indicator. It is only to confirm the motive behind the earlier piece of announcement he made. Remember the Bukit Selambau by-election? Remember him making an announcement at a very critical time whereby
he mentioned that Hindraf does not support any party in Bukit Selambau and the reason given was Hindraf wanted to remain apolitical. I did not buy his story at all.
Considering th
e timing of his announcement and the urgency of him forming a new Indian based political party, either he had been riding of Hindraf's popularity for his own selfish agenda or he has prostituted himself to BN. I believe the latter holds more water since MIC has lost all its popularity to Hindraf and the only way for MIC to move ahead is to break up Hindraf. Perhaps, RS Thanenthiran new party would be another MIC within Najib's administration.
The Whisperer is not a supporter of any race-based political party and is definitely not a supporter of any divide and rule regime.
The Whisperer continues to stand by and throw his support behind The
People's Anak Bangsa Malaysia cause... Yeah, that's right. The People's version and not Najib's 1BlackMalaysia version. Stay tune for the coming Anak Bangsa Malaysia news...


K L said...

Is this a replacement for PPP ?

Hope said...

Saya anak malaysia too..