Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Brave Judgement That Gave The Victory Back To The People...

Kudos to Justice Abdul Aziz Abd Rahim for his bravery and fairness in delivering a landmark judgement. Read Justice Abdul Aziz Abd Rahim's judgement here.

And DS Nizar is the legitimate Menteri Besar of Perak. Much to the delight of Perakians and Malaysians alike. A judgement that gained back some credibility for the country's otherwise rotten judicial system. A judgement that brought many cheers and tears of joy throughout the country. A judgement that brought about a glimmer of hope that we do have some people with integrity and conscience within the system but only to be infiltrated by power abusive puppets of the ruling regime/organization.

The judgement also further confirmed the illegal status of the May 7th assembly sitting. Thus, making Sivakumar still the legitimate Speaker of the Dewan. And Najib and his cahoots are now pressed for time before the state assembly goes into automatic dissolution which expires tomorrow after a 60 days lapse.

The Whisperer opines that Najib and his cahoots should continue to make noises on the pretense of fighting back but at the same time, allowing the state assembly to go into auto dissolution as a face saving measure. They can claim then that they lose out on time limitation and on technicalities.

Whatever la.. I actually couldn't care less. In the first place, they shouldn't have stoop this low and make a dumb joke out of themselves.

Next agenda for Najib is to totally reform the whole police force. They are the main scum of the administration.

That is just my opinion and it is Najib's choice to heed.

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K L said...

After knowing the result of Tuesday court of appeal, the monday's judgement was just a smoke screen only !