Monday, September 8, 2008

BBC comprised of Blatant Liars and Freeloaders...

" Initially, we wanted to go to China but as we did not have enough time to process our visas, we decided on Taiwan instead." - Tiong King Sing
Yet, it is reported that this official trip was planned early this year. If it is planned earlier this year, i don't why the difficulty to obtain the Chinese visas.
Moreover, the Taiwanese and the Chinese counterparts are always on standby for our MPs to make their study trips so it is perfectly okay for them to make their last minute decisions.
8 days study trip for pea-brained MPs? I really wonder what they can learn from this agriculture and industrial technology trip? 49 BN MPs out of 78 MPs making the trip? What about the others? What is the criteria for the selection or rather the rest ruled themselves out from this trip?
It is obvious that this trip was arranged at the very last minute and the haphazard way it is done can only tells us that this move is politically motivated.
Here's the latest: List of MPs flying to Taiwan still not finalised as of noon today.. Isn't this enough to confirm further that this move is done out of desperation?

Deputy BBC chairman Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin said the delegation would depart from the KL International Airport at 11.15am today.
He said their trip was self-funded, while their itinerary would be handled by the Malaysian Friendship and Trade Centre in Taipei.
The trip had been widely speculated by some quarters as a move to thwart Pakatan Rakyat’s efforts to form the Federal Government by Sept 16.
However, this was dismissed by Bung Mokhtar, who said that no Government in Malaysian history had been formed by MPs from the ruling coalition being bought over.
Asked about Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s comments that he would meet with BBC members after they return from Taiwan, Bung said it was typical of Anwar to seek attention.
“It is only empty talk. Anwar likes to cause a commotion. Until now, we have not gone anywhere (switched parties),” he said.
This idiot can say all he want. He is famed for his frequent diarrhoea bouts that overflows and spews through his mouth as though that his ass has been plugged. One of the dumbest MP we ever had. Nothing he said is of substance.. just blatant lies with arrogance. And the worse is that he still thinks that he is credible.
Empty talk? Not worried? Tell me about it.. can't be all coincidence with these shoddy preparation for a trip. Let me guess what they are going to do over there.. Visit farms and factory by day; dine, sex and booze by night, all financed by someones' ill-gotten money.
They can do what they want but The People remained adamant towards Change. For every mindless counter action they take, more people will join to The People's bandwagon. Permatang Pauh has already vouched for that. The People can wait even if it takes another 3-6 months to realise This Change.
Lets enjoy looking at them rotting away slowly.
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Antares said...

Right on! This kenabatangan fler sure is irritating. We'll all be glad to see him disappear over the horizon and never return! And that silly Burung Tiong obviously grew fat on a diet of dacing cacing. No worries...
nothing can possibly go right for Umno/BN now. And we have Altantuya to thank for the everlasting curse on those who condone murder by C4!

Malaysian Joe said...

Antares, yeah.. he already kena batang... so you can't really blame him for being a dickhead.