Friday, September 5, 2008

Whisperer's take: This Change is Inevitable!! Be it 916 or Thereafter...

- 5 days old carcass ready to implode-

This is exactly the situation Umno finds itself in now with maggots continuing to feast on it's rotten decaying organs producing enough gases to inflict the final self implosion.
Given this scenario, i don't understand why the need to create the fuss about 916 and so what if it didn't materialize by this date? Will it spell the end of Pakatan Rakyat and Our Hope of a New government?
One thing for sure is that we do not need this hype generated by fellow bloggers expressing their views- some were encouraging while others made in sound like it is going to be the end of the world should 916 fail to materialize... My God!! I am getting sick of the 916 hype thingy. Yeah, an overdose from the daily bombardment of it ever since the Aug 26th by-election victory.
Have any of you think of the negative impact this hype have on our readers should 916 fail to materialize? For the positives, they can just get over it and look forward to another time frame but for those pessimists, they may feel disappointed and disillusioned. Enough said here. Nevertheless, I am all for Change here..
Yes, the fast pace of events that have been churning out daily over the past week and the latest field trip organised out of desperation are signs pointing positively towards change. The Intelligence Agency must have uncovered the truth about the crossing over.
Lets not waver as desperate people will resort to desperate measures.
Lets Push till This Change become Imminent.
Update: 10th Sept 2008
Read a similar underlying tone by an independent analyst here..


HopefulPessimist said...

I just hope that whatever happens, people will be civilised about it.

Antares said...

Your graphic description of Umno's bloated carcass ready to explode is right up my street. Now would be a good time to import some World War One surplus gasmasks. Imagine the STINK following the explosion! Glad I live in the misty hills upwind of everybody :-)

You're quite right that 916 doesn't necessarily have to be the day Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat ascend to power - but you must admit the date is poignantly significant in view of the fact that so much depends on our friends in Sabah & Sarawak (without their support BN would already be the opposition right now).

Consider the wonderful numerology of 916 (9+1+6 = 16): in the Tarot the number 16 is depicted by a Tower Struck By Lightning, signifying the collapse of a mighty edifice - or a monumental ego!