Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The People's response to PM's appeal for support...

I read the article, titled " PM appeals for support" which appeared in Malaysakini, with great interest. For a moment, I thought our PM has finally woke up from his deep slumber and started to realise his downfall may not be too far ahead and decided to appeal/plea/beg for support. And only after realising that he made that speech in conjunction with our country's Independence Day, it dawned on me that this could just be another of his political speech that he may not have any idea what it's content meant as it was written by his speech writer.
Nevertheless, here are some of the excerpts that disillusioned my stance momentarily:-
" I am confident and believe that all the trials we are facing today can be overcome if we remain united and work together with firm determination."

"A united people is the country's strongest line of defence in facing any situation both internally and externally."

"No one citizen is recognised as being of a higher position than another in this nation. This nation belongs to all of us. Whether we rise or fall depends on all of us."

Let me try not to be cynical here and allow me to give him the benefit of doubts towards his sincerity with his Independence Day' s speech.The People unite way before March 8th and March 8th was just a message to the administration that The People had had enough of the endless nonsense that have been churned out by the administration. The People further confirmed their voice in the recent concluded by-election.

Mr PM, the Message from The United People remains clear: The United People movement is going to throw their support behind any party or parties who listens and support The People's call for total reform to the rotting system that has been undermining our country's progress. The People's livelihood is in dire straits, mainly due to the terminal diseases that this rotting system had bred over the decades.

Mr PM, since you made that appeal for support few days ago, we, The People, shall always be fair. If your appeal for support is sincere, then it is also fair that you listen to The People's need..

So, Mr PM, here is the do-list for you for the betterment of Our Country and The People...

1) Remove all the Racist Segregation agendas that has been jeopardising this country's progress to further strengthen our mark as one of the contributing economic force to the world. Equal business opportunities should be for All, and not only confined to one ethnicity as it caused one party to be complacent while the rest remained unmotivated. This barricade should also be remove in the field of education and sports.

2) A total revamp in Cabinet. Ministers with history of: being racists, power abuse and corruption should be dealt with and remove. Najib, Nazri, Syed Hamid, Muhd2 Taib and Hishamuddin just to name the few to start with and they shall be replace by people based on merits. Consider the inclusion of qualified personnel from Pakatan Rakyat. This has to be done with the only consideration given to the country's well being as a whole and not based on races or religion.

3) Draconian laws like ISA and OSA need to be redefine if not, removed.

4) Judiciary need to be made independent from Executive power so that no one shall be above the law.

5) An independent ACA, answerable to the Parliament, is required desperately to stop the rampantly outright corrupted practices that is happening right before The People's eyes.

Mr PM, these are the few that crossed my mind at this present moment. I may be the lone voice here but i am sure there are many in The United People movement who shares the same and perhaps, they may have more to contribute to my list here..

Let The Voice of The People be Heard...


Malaysian Joe said...

he is not appealing la.. he is begging...

fergie said...

He can appeal or beg with all his might but he can't fool me anymore!!! I don't trust him at all .. he twists his words for his own selfish ends!!! The ROT is so deep in UMNO/BN .. impossible to remove. The people have spoken loud and clear time and again .. do you think he will EVER hear us? We should just move forward and hope for the best .. leave these jokers to fester.

TheWhisperer said...

Fergie & Joe,

I am just being sarcastic here. I really don't see how this government can change with all the wrong policies which are going to destroy this country for good. And from where i stand, it is not far from reality.

But we do have a Choice now before it's to late. The Choice is for The People to push for The Change. Our Country need a new governing system and with that comes new policies.

Sadly, we do get people questioning the ethical side of setting up a government with leaping frogs and those reservations towards DSAI.. The point is about Priority and the Primary Priority now is the well being of this Country.

IF we insist on the question of morality and ethicality, then this country is doomed for sure with this government. What do we have to lose, anyway?

But IF we push for The Change, we still have a fighting chance to right the wrong.

Remember it is now The People Who Rules and Decide..

So what say you?

Push or Ethics?

Malaysian Joe said...