Monday, September 8, 2008

Pensaingan seat declared vacant: Kurup don't seem to learn at all...

The Pensiangan parliamentary seat, won by Barisan National's Joseph Kurup on March 8 general election, has been declared vacant by the Kota Kinabalu Election Court today.
Kurup won the seat uncontested on Feb 24 nomination day after Andipai's candidacy was rejected after he had submitted his nomination papers after the 10am deadline.On the nomination day, both Andipai and another candidate Saimeh Usau had missed the deadline and wanted to submit their papers after the expiry of the deadline.They claimed they have been blocked on their way to the nomination centre.They were subsequently allowed to do so, with Andipai's nomination papers accepted at 10.25am and Saimeh's forms five minutes later. Read more here in Malaysiakini..

Judging from 2004 results here, i would worry if i were him as the result tells that his people are deserting his party despite the fact that his people made up of 85% of the voting majority. Imagine a majority win of 608 votes during the 2004 election.
Instead of taking the 2004 results as a guide to win back the trust of his people towards his party, he allowed this decay to rot further and decided to stoop so low and cheated come the 12th General Election.
Kurup. when are you going to learn? What happen now? Where is your so-called 'Umno big brother'? Aren't they suppose to protect you?
Looks like they are abandoning you this time. You want to know why? Firstly, your big brother have their own problem to take care of as they are facing retaliation from within and outside the party. You think they have the time to bother with you?
And now wake up and face this hurtful second fact, all your bumiputra status i s worth nothing. Just a title which only give all of your certain status without many privileges. In other words, all of you are just second class bumiputras.You think your fellow Sabahans are going to continue sit down and receive these abuses and inequalities? Just compare your 2nd class status to that of your compatriot? Where do you stand being the majority? It's obvious, isn't it? And what i don't understand is how come you and Pairin have been kowtowing to them all these years. For selfish reasons for sure. That's tantamount to selling off your peoples' privileges for your selfish needs while claiming to represent them. Yes, Mr Kurup the Kurap, you have failed them miserably.
Now I make this call to our fellow Sabahan and Sarawakian brothers and sisters to wake up and make a Stand once and for All... We, in the Peninsula, has already shown the way and we are waiting for the Push from East Malaysia. This is the Time.. Just abandon those parties linked to Barisan National.
All of you can start by showing them this coming Pensaingan by-election by kicking their asses with your vote!! The Folks in Permatang Pauh did that and now it's your time to Shine... Be With Us! We Can Only Get Better... and Better!

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Malaysian Joe said...

Whisperer, Pensiangan would be a good indicator as to whether the tsunami has caught on with East Malaysia. If PP was the mother of all by-elections, this would be the mother of all BUY-Election.... next thing you know they will throw broadband services into Pensiangan..