Thursday, September 25, 2008

That Night At The Forum: From a Different Perspective..

About 600 people from all walks attended the Forum in One Voice calling for draconian ISA to be abolished. I was there among them.

What transpired during the Forum is well accounted for by Malaysiakini reports. Indeed, a well detailed coverage and i must salute them for their style of journalism. No detail was left out especially with the report on Bar Council President Ambiga Sreenevasan's speech. The exact context of her speech was reported here.. Thank you and Syabas, Malaysiakini.

Marina presence helped in lifting up the atmosphere to a higher level judging from the overwhelming support from the crowd in thunderous standing ovation as Teresa Kok announced her arrival and then again, when she took the stage.
But for me, her presence brought back the pain that i shared with her on May 7th when Raja Petra refused bail and subsequently landed himself in Sungai Buloh. It was also then at that moment I somehow related myself to her ordeal and went through an imaginary journey of her past journeys. That incident prompted a tribute to her in my blog. Click here to read..
Thanks Marina, you did it again.
Nonetheless, it was an honour to finally get to meet up with her face to face. She is indeed a Great Charismatic Lady.
It is also my wish that the people would look up to Her Strength and Sacrifices as motivational factors to spur us further in our quest to make this country a better country for all Malaysians.
Read here on Marina's trip to Kamunting- 'Straight from My Heart'

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