Monday, September 29, 2008

Now who is telling the truth - time for heads to fall...

Temple demolition?
So many conflicting stories..
Ronnie Liu said that the state government had issued a directive to all local councils to halt action against places of worship when it came to power and it was Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) officers that have had acted in defiant.
Then the next day, Ampang Member of Parliament Zuraida Kamaruddin of PKR claimed that the temple was demolished by its own committee to make way for renovation and a face lift without consulting or seeking approval from the state government.
On the same day, Selangor Health, Estate Workers and Caring Government committee chairmanDr Xaxier A. Jayakumar said that five to six MPAJ enforcement officers were involved in tearing down the Sri Mahakaliamman shrine.
Take a good look at this picture (stole from zorro without permission).

It is a demolition for sure. Question is Who Did It!!
If it is the temple committee who did it, then they ought to be ostracized for showing disrespect to their deities just by placing them around in such a disrespectful manner.
But if it is indeed the handiwork of the council, then we really have some serious problems at hand. This is an blatant act of disrespect towards other religion and they have been crying out aloud that they have been tolerant... Excuse me!! Who is tolerating Who? We don't go around vandalising or demolishing places of worship nor do we go around making racist remarks trying to stamp supremacy over another races.
Pakatan Rakyat need to take a serious view over this matter. If the Mind starts losing control over the movement of its limbs, it's better to have the limbs amputated before they do further irreversible damage to the credibility of this coalition.
And this is exactly what is happening to Pak Lah. He called for reforms but his Home Minister did exactly the opposite - mocking the Judiciary and the Law repeatedly. Chaotic situation within Umno now. We can learn from their foolishness.
It is time for Pakatan Rakyat to put down it's feet. If any of their officers in their duties breaches the religious and racial lines, they should be serious reprimanded and be sacked if found guilty regardless of their ethnic status or position. These people don't deserve to be in any position to serve the rakyat. Period!! There is no other way around this.
Back to you, MB Khalid. Walk your Talk. Leave No Stones Unturned.
We Are Watching You!! The People Thirsts for Disciplinary Actions!!

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