Tuesday, September 23, 2008

RPK Kamuntingized For Two Years...

Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin will be sent to the Kamunting Detention Centre in Taiping, Perak today to begin his two-year detention under the Internal Security Act.
Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar had signed his detention order last night for the blogger to be held without trial under section 8(1) of the tough security law. Under the Act, the government can renew his detention indefinitely.
Section 8(1) of ISA states that " If the Minister is satisfied that the detention of any person is necessary with a view to preventing him from acting in manner prejudicial to the security of Malaysia or any part thereof or to the maintenance of essential services therein or to the economic life thereof, he may make an order (hereinafter referred to as a detention order) directing that that person be detained for any period not exceeding two years."
The Kuala Lumpur High Court is to hear a habeas corpus bid by Raja Petra's lawyers to overturn the detention of the controversial blogger today.
Only yesterday, the habeas corpus hearing which was scheduled for 26th September was brought forward to today, 23rd September, at 9am at the High Court, Criminal Court 2, Kuala Lumpur Court Complex, Jalan Duta, before Justice Suraya Othman.

Damn you, botak!! You can't even give RPK , his rights to a habeas corpus hearing. What's the hurry here? Because you don't have any solid reason to nail him with ISA except for the few reports by your running dogs and the power vested in you as a Home Minister. That's all the grounds you have.

Look around you.. Many of your colleagues has awakened to the fact that the people's voice need to be acknowledged. But there you go around continuing to ignore the wishes of the people and abusing your power without giving any regards to the intelligence of the people.
The people could not see any justification behind this Section 8(1) detention. As we see it, it is only based on your personal justification which is clearly politically motivated.
Again, ISA has been wrongly abused for the wrong reason.


fergie said...

This ABSOLUTE ABUSE OF POWER and of the ISA makes me sooooo ANGRY!!!!!! RPK is NOT a terrorist or endangerment to the country .. the only people he endangers are those who have done great misdeeds and the are SO AFRAID of being exposed! If RPK has his day in court, these people will be in SO much trouble!!!! I don't know about God .. Teresa and the reporter are free .. I hope God id not a racist! Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest.

Anonymous said...

This is indeed a sad day for Malaysia, for its democracy it proclaimed.

This latest move would inevitably cause more resentment towards BN government. BN is certainly fully aware of it, but why ? Within this Umno fractions, guess they want to make Pak Lah un-popular, force him to step down sooner than 9/Oct ?!