Monday, September 15, 2008

Syed Hamid takes a swipe at Zaid...

"The ISA crackdown was a government decision and no minister, including Zaid, should question it.
He also said the government would be dealt an administrative crisis if each minister offers a view and questions the jurisdiction of another minister via the media.
Utusan then quoted Syed Hamid as saying: “Zaid is in the cabinet, if he has his own views, he should bring it up with the prime minister (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi).
If every cabinet member openly debates through the media, we will have an administrative crisis.“If a cabinet member is doing his job while another one openly criticises him, I don’t know where we are heading and what will happen.”
- Excerpts taken from MalaysiaKini report on 'Syed Hamid's U-Turn on ISA arrests'.

Hello.. Do you mean to say that once you are a cabinet minister, you have to forgo your principle, opinion, conscience and righteousness, and bow like an obedient dog to your master without regards to ethics and morality? That's explains well of your recent spats of undesirable behaviour. Just too bad your lowly theory doesn't goes well with any 'man of principle' like the honorable Zaid Ibrahim who have earlier tendered his resignation letter to the Prime Minister today. Find out more here..

However, the Prime Minister rejected his resignation and urged him to stay on to see to the reform of the country's legal and judicial system. Full report here.

Now lets see how this honorable man is going to react to this. I believe it would be wise for him to continue to reject the usage of ISA against civilians. He must call for the immediate release of Raja Petra and Teresa Kok from ISA custody and allow the normal legal and judiciary system to determine. Anything lesser than this would be a big blow to his credibility.

Someone else caught my attention. And he is non other than the infamous man of ambiguity, Dr Rais Yatim. Just because he is from a lawyer background, he mustn't make it a habit to come out with ambiguous statement all the time. Behaving like another obedient dog. This is his statement on the recent usage of draconian ISA...

"It was not a surprise because similar actions had occured before.

Malaysia with the three major races, has to always ensure that racial, cultural and religious sensitivity is not raised by any party.

If something touches on such sensitivity, the authority has the right to exercise the ISA."

Is this the best he can comment? Now you know why I bestowed upon him that ambiguity title. Dr Rais, the people want to know what is your take on these recent ISA arrests. We don't need you to beat around the bush and avoid giving your fair opinion on these arrests.

Maybe it would help if I list them down here:

Case One: Raja Petra Kamarudin charged under ISA for exercising his rights to Freedom of Speech. Why ISA-ed him for insulting Islam? He is a Muslim and he is entitle to his opinion on what Islam preaches. From your definition up there, I do not see any violation that warrants this draconian ISA against him.

Case Two: Teresa Kok fraudulently charged with ISA over some proven 'cooked up' allegation without any sign of unrest. Why didn't you give your honest opinion after all these unfolding of events right in front of your eyes? Don't tell me you have none? Silence from you could easily be translated as your lips are sealed because you are just another blind barking dog. Lawyer, my Ass! Foreign Minister, my fat Ass! Can't even voice out to defend the Right from Wrong. And the instigator roams freely with more guts to stir up sensitive issues because of non action from idiots like you and the whole lot walking the corridor of power.

I won't proceed with the journalist case as your dumbo colleague has already made a Fool out of himself with his justifications. But you know darn well who should be ISA-ed here...

Clearly, this ISA thingy still exists because it can be abuse to Umno's advantage to keep them in power. History has proven that..

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This piece of shit contradict himself each time he opens his mouth.