Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Press Conference and It's Underlying Tone....

The following is the statement given by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim at a 2pm press conference at the PKR headquarters in Petaling Jaya today. Read in full here...
These are the few demands made for smooth transition of power which I would like to highlight here:

1) That the BN shall not hinder or prevent their BN MPs from acting in accordance with their conscience, constitutional rights and independent judgment;

2) That the BN government shall not invoke the Internal Security Act to detain any of the MPs who will join Pakatan Rakyat, or any of the present 82 Pakatan Rakyat MPs;

3) That the BN government shall not invoke emergency or police powers, or suspend the constitution, or dissolve parliament in response to our intention to form a new government;

4) That the Barisan Nasional government shall not impose roadblocks and impede the MPs from gaining access to the House of Parliament and the institutions of government.

Why the need to press for these demands here? What is the underlying tone behind these demands? Preemptive measures, one of my friends commented. I sincerely wish that everything could be this simple. These are probably the very few options left for the ruling coalition in their attempt to stay in power.
Again, we ask ourselves this question: Are they going to give in just like this without a fight? We gave them 6 months since the 12th general election to listen and reform but they chose to ignore and self-destructed themselves further. So much so that they are now resembling themselves to that of a cornered wounded animal. That is a dangerous precedent. In situation like this, we must always make sure that we leave a way for this wounded creature to escape.

So far, we only get denial statements from them demanding the name list and etc etc. It is advisable to wait for further reaction from them. Don't rule out those measures mentioned above and other provocative measures. Stay vigilant. be patient and take this opportunity to spend some valuable time with your family.

The Final Push?

Update: 17th Sept 2008

The prime minister also described Anwar as a "threat to the country's economy as well as possible threat to security".

"I will not indicate what plan I have," he said when asked if he would act against Anwar.

Now here is his threat... Get ready for some power abuse dramas.

Mr. Prime Minister, lets not play with fire here. A threat to national economy? Nothing compare to the rate you and your guys corrupt at the country's coffer. Threat to national security? We don't feel threaten at all by this call. We only felt threatened by your little napoleans instigations esp those by Ahmad Ismail and that Javanese Toyol.

That would narrowed down to one option left for you. Call for a Snap Election as soon as possible. It would be a graceful choice for you. Face saving choice and still get a fighting chance to stay in power. Any dirty tricks from you would shame our country further. Now, that's the threat to our country's economy and security.


Malaysian Joe said...

sigh.. sleepylala say they did not receive the purported letter.. so now who is lying?

fergie said...

haha Kevin, you also refer to him as "sleepy lala" so do I. I have absolutely NO idea what the heck is happening or where where we are heading now. I wish I had the means to run away and NEVER return!

frenzygood said...

Dear Fergie,
Do not despair,there is still hope in Malaysia as long as there is a leader who is willing to make sacrifice to change the whole corrupt system.Malaysians are more united in their quest for change and our countries abundant resources and not forgetting the human resources gives me hope for the future..as the saying goes..the grass is always greener on the other side.