Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Raja Petra blogging his first piece from Kamunting..

"I can now better appreciate the battle cry “give me liberty or give me death”. They say you appreciate something only after it has been taken away from you. Today, my liberty is at the top of my priority list. But I know it shall not come soon and it shall not come easy and it shall only come if there is a change of government and if the new government fulfills its promise to abolish the ISA."
- Raja Petra Kamarudin from Kamunting

“Please send MT readers’ my Hari Raya greeting and thank them for remembering me and to continue supporting Malaysia Today. Malaysia Today now belongs to them and they will have to keep MT going until I am out to make that change”.

- Greetings from Raja Petra through Marina

What say you people out there? For me, He inspires me in many ways and for that, His Legacy shall lives on in me... Doing something simply because It is the Right Thing to Do...

Sadly, in this country, doing what is right comes with a heavy price. Doesn't make sense at all. Something is very wrong somewhere. That is Why we Must go on Fighting as It is The Right Thing to Do now!!

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