Thursday, September 18, 2008

No Further ISA Arrests: To Believe or Not to Believe...

No further ISA arrests
The premier also said he did not intend to use the Internal Security Act against Anwar.
Hope you are a man of your words.
"I have no plans regarding the use of the ISA on anybody. I did not say anything (about the ISA arrest) to anybody. If a person feels he will be arrested under the ISA, maybe he is guilty, I don't know." Utterly childish and kampung mentality kind of talk.
- Excerpts taken from Malaysiakini
This very statement from the Prime Minister sent chills down my spine. Who wouldn't be for he has a long history of flipping and flopping? Remember February 13th? He dissolved the parliament in less than 24 hours after denying it. And the oil hike incident... a 78 sen hike barely 72 hours after denying it. Another flip flop? We shall see...


Anonymous said...

It would be very surprising if he does not flip-flop soon enough ...... except under one ciscumstance, ie he got kicked out from this position before he fickles his mind again.

Patricia said...

Hi Whisperer,

How're you doing? You sound just like your usual self ;)

I've been visiting, but haven't commented - what's there to say? It's all so sad, man.

But, yes, I hope he is a man of his word. Especially this time. I still remember he said there was not going to be a general elections, and then it was announced the next day ....


TheWhisperer said...

Hi Pat.

I am good here.

As you can see, I don't criticize our PM much. Overall, he is a nice guy except for his failure to exert his control as The Prime Minister of this country. It's like the brain losing control of the movement of limbs and other functioning organs.

That should explains why all reforms are now stuck halfway mainly due to those tainted napoleons within his administration trying to protect themselves through power abuses.

The only way for him to stay in power now is to revamp his whole cabinet with new faces and step his foot down firmly towards reforms.

And if he can't do that, then he should allow someone capable to takeover. Najib is out of the question as far as i am concerned.

I still think the best way is to call for a snap election.

The next Prime Minister would have to change the whole governing system which is undoubtedly flawed in many ways esp on the creation of wastage for corruption or commission as they would like to put it.

peng said...

That's what the PM said.
But the Home Minister has this to say,
"It's better to look at the situation first... and take action when there is a necessity,"
"Whatever the action that we may take, we will take it when the time comes. Right now, I don't want to discuss about it before the time comes," as quoted in The Malaysian Insider.
So who's the boss? Or are they playing good guy, bad guy again?
Maybe the PM is in the dark as to what his Minister plans to do?

Home Minister is saying read my lips; 'we will take it (action) when the time comes'. It's up to us to read in between the lines.

peng said...

A follow-up to my previous comments. The gameplan has began.
Some running dogs have made a police report against Anwar being a threat to the country. This I believe is on cue from PM's remarks(check out Malaysiakini or MT).
Fast to react huh?
Next (speculating) would be detention under ISA?
What say you?

TheWhisperer said...


They would be stupid to do the same mistake twice. Acting on their own created reports?

I won't be surprise if they do it. That's how stupid they are.. Just look at what they have been cooking up thus far. All failures!! Yet they try to push it through. Blatant abuse of power. Another act of arrogance.

It's dangerous to speculate.. Botak and Deputy IGB warned.

We shall just wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Desperate times call for desperate moves, and our PM/BN/Umno is in dire straits now.