Tuesday, April 22, 2008

anwar's trial exposed.. just wonder how you sleep at night, dr mahathir?

You be the judge after watching all seven video clips below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

And some brilliant comment that responded to it...

Brilliant recap. Tivoli Villas, the apartment that never was and then it was and the mattress that was and then it was not and then it was again. For the first time we see it.

Any wonder why Mahathir is back at full throttle once again?

The vehemence displayed when getting rid of Anwar now returns with a fury seemingly targeting Abdullah Badawi. But is he really the target? Mahathir must be convinced more than anyone that with Badawi at the helm it is a guarantee that Anwar will be the next Prime minister and that it will happen very very soon. He does not have access to the special branch and FRU to support him now. He needs someone who will know how to use all these willing bandits. He needs someone who will put Anwar back in prison once again. Who cares under what law or what act. Right Mr Mahathir? Anwar had told you to do your worst that time. Looks like you might be capable of beating that now.

Leaving that aside, I think it was the 3rd segment where there is mention that Mahathir might have feared that upon becoming Prime minister Anwar will not protect him, his family’s interest and cronies or his legacy. What was the basis of that fear? What was it that Anwar was doing that led Mahathir to that believe?

For them to have been so chummy and for Anwar to have risen with Mahathir’s support within a short period of time obviously there was trust. But did Mahathir ever have the capacity to trust? If that was suspect, then what was the basis of Mahathir’s trust and confidence in Anwar?

You can see why Mahathir “trusted” Rafidah and ensured the Attorney General dropped charging her for corruption at the end of Part 2. According to Ezzam, she was to make sure Mahathir’s son got an allocation of shares in a company going public. Of course she got some too for her son-in law. But this, you scratch my back, I scratch yours, surely led to the biggest rip offs in the form of APs which she controlled until the 8th of March 2008. This is where I laugh at the irony of all the UMNO and ketuanan Melayu supporters. They never once thought that everytime they bought a brand new car they were contributing to the AP of anywhere from RM20,000 to 50 or more thousands to a Rafidah favourite just so as to ensure a few cronies profited. I suppose that is why it is so easy to rip of a Malay is it? But that is unfair, there are also the Kelantanese who are not UMNites and they are hard to rup off….Maybe I should qualify and say UMNOPutras.

Anyway, coming to this video. Surely Anwar too must have done something to have given Mahathir the confidence and trust that he too was drenched and soaked in the cess pool of Mahathir’s making so that he could never surely wash the shit away. In that condition he could be trusted to to safeguard Mahathir.

Anwar, we need to know what it was you were drenched and soaked in that Mahathir and possibly you could see, but despite everything, neither you nor Mahathir are prepared to talk about? Even now!

One thing seems clear. Mahathir’s confidence and faith in a person appears founded on that person having first compromised on his morals, ethics or fundamental values.

Anwar, help us help you. You might just be the next PM and it could happen soon. In some ways we have all contributed in some way or other for that to happen. You might be thinking here I am not supporting you. But man, when you were down and charged with all this allegation, I wrote to your daughter Nurul to assure her our support and prayers during this time of trial and she did reply too. And, oh yes, there was Freemalaysia.com at that time and I used to write under the moniker WA. And I believe in a way I might have helped stop Arifin Jakka from citing all your lawyers for contempt. I am the one who wrote saying Karpal deserved to be cited for contempt for talking without having first asked for leave to speak. And the next day one of your lawyers had apparently put his hands up and asked for leave to speak and the whole court burst into laughter.

Yes Anwar, I support you. But there are things you need to explain. O.k. If it is painful, then just give summaries and then apologise! So Anwar, I think I have earned my right to ask you to explain. When you were wronged, I stood by you. I want to stand tall and proud when you do become Prime Minister. So help me! Yes I too have heard when I was out Bumiputra shopping when my company was going to go public Datuks and Tan Sris mention how they got to seek your blessing and needing to take care of you or your side-kicks. You were very much an UMNO man alright even when the judiciary was being raped.

Back to this video. Sukma and Anwar’s Pakistani speech writer Dr Munuwar were certainly abused and wrongly held and tortured. The special branch people who did this, if they thought they will have cover for the rest of their lives and have felt safe until now I hope you are begining to have sleepless nights too. After all BN will fall and PR will rule. Soon! I want you guys to answer for this.

I want Ariffin Jakka and Augustine Paul too to be hauled up and put through a US congressional hearing type of open session and let them explain how it was that they were able to display such ludicrous stupidity that resulted in Anwar’s incarceration. How had they compromised for Mahathir that he could hold them by the balls and get them to dance like dogs.

I want the MSM to explain themselves too why they allowed themselves to be used like they had. Let MSM and all those who wrote and broadcast what ever then know that they had less honour and respect than Sufiah Yusof. I wonder if Malaysian MSM can ever acquire greater honesty than Sufiah Yusuf, the half Malay Manchester based prostitue who was Malaysian taxpayer funded when she went to read Mathematics at the age of 13 at Oxford University.

We see, those our courts found guilty of sodomy face up to the camera although they are supposed to be the ones who should have felt embarrassed and wanting to hide away in the sunset. However it was the one who according to Mahathir’s Malaysian Values who is the victim and pitied who runs off covering his face with newspaper and plastic bags and what ever.

This video is hopefully going to help a few more within the BN MPs who will cross over. That needs to happen before Badawi and his UMNO ruin the country. There are more than enough reasons why PR has to very quickly assume power and put the BN guys across to the opposition side. Obviously Anwar will be the new PM.

But Anwar, the people do need you to sit talk to us. No more campaigning. No bullshit. You don’t need. I have left my forgiveness in escrow already. Retreive it once you have sat down and talked to us.

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