Tuesday, April 15, 2008

i was there.. rejoicing at kg baru

The city was unusually quiet.. Must have been the news on radio advising the public to stay away from this historic moment as the gathering has been declared illegal at the very last minute. Yup, illegal in the eyes of those cowards. Afraid that all those poohs covering their bodies will be expose. Naive and still dwelling in their made belief world, not realising the stench of their poohs had already polluted every part of this planet.

Despite those threats, my colleague, Bruce Gan and yours truly here took a long stroll from the office heading towards the Dewan. From the moment i took the first step, there was this surge of andrenalin that rushed through every nerves of my body. The feeling was GREAT. There was this sense of pride... the same pride i felt on that fateful 8th March night. The air was still but i could feel the Wind of Change blowing against the naked part of my body. The sudden rejunevation made the long walk short.

As anticipated upon reaching our destination, police were everywhere on both sides of the street. FRU was nowhere to be seen. One of our comrades told me that they were stationed on the other side of the street. Honestly, the presence of the police force gave me the impression that they were there to protect us. They were just watching and many responded positively when i smile to them.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere was overwhelming. People from all walks of life came in droves to rejoice this moment. Everybody, except those Special Branch personnels, were there for one same reason... to continue fighting till the battle is won. A battle won when Malaysia, under the rule of Pakatan Rakyat, become a prosperous nation within the Asia Pacific region, perhaps the world. It is a long battle ahead which many of us may not live long enough to see it materialise. Proper foundation have to be laid from now. With proper planning and administration, this legacy shall lives on forever.

The support for Pakatan Rakyat can only grow. Rakyat dare to dream now. The rule under BN has become so rotten that every little step Pakatan Rakyat takes, it brings Big Hope to the rakyat. Start putting more effort in doing away with racial segregation and promote Bangsa Malaysia within the Pakatan. They are still many not adapting fast enough to do away with the racial and religious lines after decades of segregation and oppression under BN rule.

There have been different views on whether PR should accept hoppings and form the Federal Government. In the first place, the question of morality does not arise here. The question is whether Malaysia can withstand another 4 years of gang raped by the BN predators. My take is NO. We cant wait any longer. Our natural resources is running low. And the Umnoputras now are buying time so that they can go for one last kill. It is already starting... Duty-free PD and more to come... From DSAI speech last night, brace yourself for something BIG within this two months.

Sit back and enjoy.

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